Latest projects

  • DevOps Management (06/06/2017 01:47 PM)

    Place to store sensitive information

  • Hexiwear connectivity (01/30/2017 02:37 PM)

    WiFi and 3G connectivity

  • R2W Listener (12/09/2016 08:45 AM)

    Listener between RM5 Evolution/HD and PLC. Reproduces the functionality of Comestero RM5 Evolution/HD devices. Send all data to R2W Bridge.

  • WolkPlatform (10/18/2016 12:20 PM)

    Core Wolkabout product.

    Goal of this product is to create a flexible modular IoT platform.

  • 6782331509 (10/04/2016 01:43 PM)

    Tools required for migration existing platform to new version or environment.