I'm not making that mistake again.

If I want, they will kill you.

The civilization of planet Arratellia is superior to Earth's.

What are you doing here so late at night?


I don't know what that means, Bradley.

My grandfather died when I was boy.

The was kidnapped by pirates.

Keep your mouth shut.

I'll attract those guys.


Erik and I planted some trees on the south side of the house.

Summer vacation is near. Can you think of a good place for the holidays?

As soon as I got home, it began to rain.


He was criticized for raising taxes.

The Acropolis' staircase had 60 steps.

It's a common French expression.

They were not impressed.

It's not polite to speak with your mouth full.


I doubt that he's a lawyer.

You might want to talk to her.

We need to decide when we'll move.

I saw the film and found it interesting.

The police drew an outline of a body at the scene of the crime to indicate how the body was lying when it was found.

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What kind of movies do you like?


Magnus is donating blood.

Do you plan to buy that car?

In short some guns have excellent security systems to prevent accidental firing (e.g. when dropped), others don't.

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Somebody has to talk.

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Don't you trust anybody?

Who are you texting now?

Theo can drive a car.

I said a very foolish thing.

Apparently, Gilles was late because there was a traffic jam on Rt. 19.

Marvin won't bother you again.

Stephan found Niall's secret diary.

There isn't a place in this market that isn't lively.

Never use a cannon to kill a fly.

That clock is slow.

I am going to see him today.

I'm very short of money.

Last night I saw a very interesting movie about World War II.

Jianyun slammed the door on his way out.

Kyu almost fainted.

I can not bear living in this apartment any longer.

I'm also thinking of going to Korea.

There was very little in the way of entertainment.

What's not clear?


I want to travel around the world.

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Pierre said that he did nothing wrong and that it wasn't his fault.

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The fruit of this tree is sweet.

I have eaten a pizza.

This is the house.

She knows it.

There's a hotel here.

Cindy looks as if he lost his best friend.

It's a good idea to study the language and culture of the country you're going to visit.


Does anyone have a picture of this?

I actually think it's a great idea.

"Who came to visit us today?" "Today my sister, Maria, came to visit us."

I thought you were going to quit working for Ofer.

It is quite natural that he should be angry.

Milo likes being single because he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

Try to be moderate in drinking.


Kitty gets a lot of help from his friends.

Jacques and I were alone.

This fruit smells nasty.

I don't have time to explain everything.

In the autumn, the leaves on the trees become yellow.

I've been trying to remember where I put my keys.

Janice rarely makes mistakes.

If these drugs are stopped abruptly, then some withdrawal symptoms may occur.

The world is harsh.

She dressed up and left for the party.

He has a crush on this girl.

What's your problem today?

I believe that's a bad sign.


Rewrite it in your copybook please.

Hitler and his allies had won battle after battle.

He is a very affectionate father.

You could say it that way, but it's quite vulgar.

Lorenzo makes me feel safe.

We can't just let him leave.

We sincerely thank you for today's flight.


She is bored with this novel.

What happened was an accident.



She was horrified.

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All the nurses of this hospital are very kind.

I am getting slim!

She has a good reputation.

Sanjay took his clothes off and put them into the washing machine.

It is interesting to watch stars.

I won't go into details.

Why do you care about this?


Let us know if you can't get here on time.

The knights wore elaborate suits of armor.

Hank speaks both French and English.


Murthy and I will help you.

Are you going to eat those fries?

Rees has been kept waiting for a long time.

Benson wasn't in on it.

I think I know where Price might be.

I don't want to pretend I'm someone I'm not.

The game was canceled at the last minute.

He's just a liar.

That movie is suitable for people of all ages.

He replaced the bell with a light.

I've heard that Boston is a dangerous place. Is that true?


Will humanity be able to prevent the degradation of ecosystems?


How many litres of oil are there in a barrel?

This is the boy who showed me around the city.

Mike is in the second year of high school and Ann is too.

I had a nightmare about vampires.

You've got to concentrate.

He found few Tagalog books amongst the mostly English books at the Filipino bookstore.

She was right in the middle of cutting cucumbers.

This should be useful.

We met her by accident.


Curtis always seems worried about what other people think about him.

This cat knocked over the can of canned fish so that it could eat it.

She must keep early hours.


He made the most of his free time.

They passed on their message with the houses they built

Is there nothing else?

The students were not respectful towards their teacher.

The words 'beautiful' and 'ugly' are relative terms.


Thank goodness it didn't worsen. But please don't push yourself yet.

The finding of God is coming to one's self.

Police are running an advertising campaign advising people who intend to drive home after drinking, to rethink their third drink.

The dog was hit by a car.

I think Richard should be able to do that without any help.

Should anything arise, she will be prepared for it.

I'll be there seeing Dream Theater at the Paramount.


Do people ever accuse you of being shallow?

Kelly tried to help Kari.

I suppose he's gone home.

Do you have a problem with Joubert?

Will you take me with you?

Do I really remind you of him?

She resolved to stop smoking.

It is I that am to blame.

I'm still hesitating whether to go there or not.

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I got the thrid degree last night from my parents because I got home two hours late.

It has to be here somewhere.

I can feel that something is wrong.

Let's go outside and eat.

You should carry out the plan on schedule.

Objection, your honor. There is nothing in the record that even remotely substantiates that.

This river extends for hundreds of miles.


There isn't any coffee in the house.

I just drove down here from Boston.

Dawson cut his finger.

Is it secure?

Most young people have mobile phones.

I just can't memorize students' names.

As you make your bed, you must lie on it.


Is that a fact?

I should've told him earlier.

I wonder if that's not right?

I cooked chick pea soup

The prisoner was brought before a judge.

There has been an increase in the number of murders.

I must have expressed myself badly.

Many people are suffering from the lack of food.

Reflect on what you have done.


What are you boys doing out here?

Every object tells a story.

Chet is likely to win the race.


Aren't you ashamed?

It's hard to explain.

Rajarshi is about Jose's age.