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We manage content creators, open new doors for opportunity, find sponsorship deals, help market and build an audience, take care of the business side

About Us

More about us and our qualities

Here at High Rise we go the furthest mile when it comes to excellence and professionalism. The High Rise Team is capable of managing content creators and securing top tier partnerships with high end brands from around the world.

Our company has been around since 2014 with our founders having a wide range of management knowledge in leadership, marketing, sales, services, and customer support. All High Rise Team members have been highly trained and will be available and capable of handling all of your business needs.

Our Services

We focus on the business side of content creation. Here are some of the ways we work for streamers and other content creators

Full-Service Management

A full-service management option where we handle all direct contact to our client and seek out new opportunities.


We find our clients new partnership deals, negoitiate the pricing and make sure the terms are comfortable for you.


Developing marketing & promotional materials to highlight your value as a content creator.


Our team takes our client to the next level. We provide ideas, content, and growth tactics that will propel you to the top.

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Managing travel arrangements, logistics, scheduling and meet-ups/parties around conventions.

Professional Image

When handling partnership opportunities or legal contracts we'll showcase professionalism and make everything right.

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