Go help him.

He is content with his life as a baseball player.

Panzer looks cool no matter what he wears.

Throw it to him.

The room charge is 100 USD a night plus tax.

You'd better get down here right away.


Dave takes several mental health days off work each year, because his job is so stressful.

What happened to the boat?

After Juliet was promoted to managing director, Malloy told him to splurge on the made-to-measure Italian suit he'd always wanted but never before could afford.

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Last night I read a book.

Let's go ask Marguerite.

It's horrible.

You'll never believe what we got for Christmas.

I never worried about them.

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I don't like to speak in public.

He gave a sigh of relief.

Can you tell me where I am on this map?

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It's time to call in our chips.

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It could've been Ima.


Why did it happen?

She has a sensual mouth.

Moses was bedridden at that time.


Translate the underlined part.

Lyndon couldn't have made this by himself.

I don't remember much of anything.

What time are you meeting us?

Let's hope not.

We're all loaded.

He lives with his mom.


I lived in Boston for more than three years.

They forced me to sing a song.

Was there anybody in the car?

I remember the living and I can't forget the dead.

He was relieved of his heavy responsibility.

They are normal people.

I can't go to the police with this.

I never worried about Sjaak.

He started to tell us his experiences during his stay in America. We were all ears.

The alterglobalists denounce growing inequalities.

She makes the best sandwiches in the world.

It is no use reading such a book.

Everybody ran outside.

He didn't want to go to Japan.

She was surprised to find many beautiful things in the box.

Jong has to work tomorrow.

Can I make a phone call?


That's the cause of his failure.

You don't have a chance.

You can't see.

Del needed something.

We were too optimistic.


Tony put the kettle on the stove.


Her hair is tangled.

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Charlie easily won.


That famous poet planned on killing himself in his library.


He does like you.

The chair is far away from the door.

How did you get that much money?

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Accordingly, besides noun declension patterns, there also existed a greater variety of verb conjugation patterns than in Modern English.

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Who told you that you could do that?


Everything is set.

You do look a lot like him.

I'm really here on business.

The parents want their children to study.

They would have been killed if the car had gone over the cliff.

Kamel and Jun aren't really dating, are they?

It was a long time before she understood me.

Syed is a very liberal person.

When was the last time you squashed a spider?

Come on, set the tone.

The whole horizon glowed with the light of the fire.


Harvey suggested a plan similar to mine.

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How about my showing you around the town?

Meeks leaned against a tree and started to talk to it about his marriage.

Your friend said he would call back.

Which dessert should he eat?

We'll catch up with her later.

Sehyo has probably gone to the doctor.

I love football.

I want to see him in an hour.

Your parents loved you very much.


Dean likes to show off.

I only quit because you asked me to.

I asked Amos not to go there, but he went anyway.

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Have you had enough or do you want to fight some more?


Chiro is a cat, so he doesn't like litchi.

The doors are closed.

The last house was Rebecca's residence.

What is cultural appropriation?

They found an ancient bowl from 2,000 years ago.

I've decided to continue studying.

Part looked over at Marilyn.

Doctors refused to perform a second operation.

The Dodgers were annihilated by the Giants.

I was fully alive to the danger.

He came hoping to meet you.

That's a very seductive idea but you should be careful.

Why are you all sad?

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You're not too old for this job.

Of all the features that attract home buyers, location is probably the most important.

Before going to bed, he usually takes all the coins from his pockets and dumps them on the table.

We studied Japanese pronunciation.

Dustin sang for us.

Sid pretended not to know anything about the situation.

Can I keep one of your pictures?


It was Skip who asked Jong to come here.

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We alternated with each other in driving the car.

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This medicine has no side effects.

I'd better get going. My father is really strict.

Jeanette found himself a seat near the door.


He is, in a word, a poet.

The ship performed well in the heavy storm.

I never imagined that you would say that.

Paulina has a pink cap.

I have no objection to what you want to do.

The soldier acted bravely.

Singing is his thing.

What happened afterwards?

The book is brown.

I cannot give you a definite answer today.

Stop speaking right now.

Sundar asked me if I wasn't feeling well.

We elected James chairman.

He was absent from school today, as is often the case with him.

Cathy was speechless for a moment.

The mercury plunged to minus 7 overnight.

My husband's been my rock during these last few months.


Mr. White has gone to India.

My mother has been sick since last month.

Panacea employed Pantelis to be his assistant.

Why do we need weapons?

You'd better do it quickly.


Pontus has always managed to stay one step ahead of us.

I'm taking this week off.

I haven't had this much fun in a long time.

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His life is a moral example to everyone.

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I have a disability.

Don't apply that nickname to me.

She made me wait for half an hour.

I don't see any connection here.

Different flowers represent different meanings.


Is this in fact going to affect their relationships?

I'm never going to stop loving you.

Whose pens are these?

The movie skips the whole story of the dead boy.

After several delays, the plane finally left.

Can't you see I need a little help?

He is here to stay.

No one should ever have to do that.

She finally managed to get a hold of her old friend.


That looks like Fletcher.

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I want to deposit some money.

I'll shoot you.

Liberty is not a means to a higher political end. It is itself the highest political end.

I guess that makes sense.

She dedicated her life to science.

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We take telephone orders.

Such an act will be judged at the bar of public opinion.

All you have to do is wash the dish.


The misfortune of the ants makes the elephants laugh.


The train is twenty minutes behind time.


Someone who is misanthropic dislikes people and avoids social situations.