It is plain that he is wrong.


The second half of a man's life is made up of nothing but the habits he has acquired during the first half.

Worrying is like paying a debt you don't owe.

My name is Henry.

Don't let Julian touch this.

You're all very calm.

This is off-topic. Sorry.

Kitty says it's hot.

That's all I care about.

You just need a good rest.

Don't try to deceive me.

Whatever are you doing here?

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The man had a punctured lung.

If the government doesn't subsidise the car industry, it will struggle badly and may even cease to exist.

I've done all that.

Would you care for some tea?

Did you see her last night?

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That's my affair.

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Our school beat Keio at baseball.

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You may not smoke in this room.


Have you visited the town where your father was born?


I love you more than life itself.

Father is still in bed.

I think he is a good man.

The tragedy left a scar on my mind.

I've planned our route.

The quality of rice is going down.

Drinking excessive and extreme amounts of water can result in "water intoxication", a potentially fatal condition.

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Art asked Barry to bring a salad to the party.


I forgot to close the curtains.

The wallet I found was Polly's.

I really loved the show.


And we are fully entitled to hope that within a few years our goal will have been fully attained. The international language will be an accomplished fact throughout the world and the beautiful millennial dream of mankind will have been realized.

I thought we could do this together.

I can't tell you the answer to that yet.

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Nobody can escape death.


Ever louder voices of protest drowned out his speech.

Because of my job, I will be in Tokyo next week.

What happened to your face?


I'm supposed to be the one helping you.

That's what I do all day.

He works out every day except weekends.

Start at once so as not to be late for the meeting.

Do you really want to know the truth?

She bought a handkerchief for ten dollars.

Are you off for your date?

That isn't true, is it?

You're still a child.


Are you competent?


You're full of surprises, Phill.

Maybe something will turn up.

These things only happen to me.


Lift with the legs, not with the back.

Petr spent long hours in the woods.

They don't know what went wrong.

Advances in science and technology and other areas of society in the last 100 years have brought to the quality of life both advantages and disadvantages.

Donnie put flowers on Jean-Christophe's grave.

I filled the cup.

Easy to plan, hard to realize.

Alejandro certainly has the right temperament for the job.

I charged them too much money for their room.

I know that your work isn't easy.

I like neither of the pictures.

That sounds credible, doesn't it?

Irfan wondered what Jeannette was doing here.

Plants breathe through their stomata.

I actually think it's a very good idea.

Don't say that about her. She's my friend.

What a lucky person he is!


Morris knew that he was dying.


His nasty comments fueled the argument.

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I hate her hat.

All that read this are beautiful.

Fine. Have it your way.

My neighbor is a penny-pinching old miser who won't even give you the time of day.

How much time do you spend every day helping your children with their homework?


Ramadoss is Archie's only child.


The more things change, the more they're the same.

Carlos was given up for dead, but he reappeared.

A lot of people are lazy.

Make sure you don't do anything stupid.

You did nothing else?


It belonged to Jacob.

Steen wonders if it's true.

Did you actually see Julianto hitting Sheila?


I'll be thirsty.


You lucky devil!

Roger and Daren are asleep.

One size fits all.

I'm a little bummed.

A bold man has half the world.

Why did you challenge him?

Suddenly, the captain abandoned the ship.


Sumitro told me about the big fish that got away.

The oracle was fulfilled.

To win, and we will win!

Excuse me, can you lower your voice a little bit?

My son came to see me from time to time.


I thought Teruyuki would go to the bank and get some cash.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

I got a letter from a friend.


Worrying never does you any good.

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Correct the mistakes.

In deleting his comments, censor-boy maims the record.

Leo often travels to Germany for health reasons.


They are eating bread.

I can't find her anywhere. It's driving me mad!

I put aside the book I was reading.

We're coming home.

She noticed a boat in the far distance.

Please tell me you're not that naive.

I translate articles almost every day.

If Ernst wants our help, he should call.

Red wine does not go well with fish.

I'm not sure I'll be much help.

He can understand but can't talk.

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May I speak to Mike, please?

She was accused for nepotism.

This man is a real freak!

I want to try eating fugu sometime.

I painted the fence green.


Some villains are more sinister than others.


Emily stole my heart.

How do we get rid of Gigi?

Most folks ate very quickly and the food soon disappeared.

Delbert remained silent during the meeting.

Don't tell Sriram I'm here.


Hey, what's up?


The game isn't over yet.

Flunking school is not necessarily a predictor of future success.

I don't really care one way or another.

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My uncle has made me what I am today.


Now tell me, are you a good person?


I don't want him to take over.


I think it will cost you more than 10,000 yen to have this camera fixed.

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I drove one.

They live in the suburbs.

Sedat was the first to arrive and the last to leave.

I like playing tennis and golf.

How do I get out of here?

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Malus showed Mehrdad his calendar.


Eskimos have ninety different words for snow.


I have no matches because I don't smoke.

Sleep is necessary for good health.

I thought you'd be angry.

That's really good.

My brother thinks that he's stronger than me. But he's only six years old.


He stooped down to put on his shoes.

Lui decided to take the day off.

I play the guitar before dinner.

Her husband is one of my friends.

Can't we do anything?

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Raif didn't help me at all.

Izchak picked some blackberries to eat.

Micky ordered a bottle of champagne.