It follows from this that he must be innocent.

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Hit the bricks!


He isn't rich, but he's happy.

Is it just me, or is Tatoeba extremely slow today?

Craig's library card is expired.

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I can't tell you what a disappointment it was that Sherman didn't win the race.

You expect too much of your child.

The police will look into the cause of the fire.


Tovah doesn't know when Joanne will visit Boston.

We're going to be late.

Eduardo didn't come last evening.

You should eat fruits and vegetables at least three times a day.

Tracy should do the same thing I do.


Our decision to go to Portugal was quite arbitrary.

Tollefsen has a brother who is an architect.

Owen is a complete idiot.


I learned not to ignore my pain.

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Baseball is big business.

Waldos, which are a kind of hand-operated robot--and are coming into vogue with surgeons--take their name from an early story of Heinlein's.

June finished the dishes.

However long you try to hide it, the lies will come out anyway.

One should always give something to beggars.


I thought Philip had more class than that.

I've got to stay a little longer.

I don't have to make an appointment.

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Syed broke his neck falling down a flight of stairs.

May I go with you?

Brandy wanted to finish by 2:30.


No one could solve the problem after all.

An artist is capable of capturing the atmosphere of the place with just a few lines.

Shane knew that Roland loved John.

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Rob had no more water.

You haven't even asked me what I think.

Tomorrow will be the first time I take the plane, incredible, no?

I'll always love you no matter what you do.

Jun must be at least thirty years old.

She returned to where her brother was last seen.

Bring a lunch.


You're the one I love.


You can always improve.

I trust Ken.

I dismissed the protest.

The art gallery was very crowded.

The Sioux had signed a treaty with the government in 1868.

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You must've done something.

Matti had no choice but to do what he had been told to do.

The valley was dotted with farm houses.

He acquired American citizenship.

This is only a prototype.

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Who can fly better, a fly or a pilot?

Do you love your country?

He drives without licence.

I saw these people for years.

Leave the door ajar when you go.


The giraffe has a long neck.

She politely corrected me.

What newspaper would you prefer?


The birds in the cage are canaries.

He is bound to make a fortune.

Can you give me some room, please?

What will you be doing at this time tomorrow?

He looked back and smiled at me.


I was sweating a little bit.

He hit his head on the shelf.

Hitoshi goes there three times a week.


You said that you loved Dawson.

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A person like Herve probably knows how to swim.


The girl is drinking tea.

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What just happened in there?


Is this spider poisonous?

In English at least, the name of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with.

Linda might have stolen Vidhyanath's camera.

Where is Arlene working now?

We talked over Jack's plan to put in air conditioning, but could not come to a decision.


He figured out a principle.


There weren't any flowers or trees on the streets of his town.

I just want to go.

I can predict how what Jianyun's answer will be.


Take hold of the rope.

Only a fool doesn't fear the sea.

If you're not in a hurry, please stay a little longer.

We're used to staying up late.

How much time are you going to stay in France?

You're the reason I'm here.

I think this dictionary useful for beginners.


We don't drink enough water.


All those dots are viral focuses.

He was very happy in his school days.

Let's just see if I can get hold of Saul.

He said so to her face.

The new law is expected to cut air pollution by 60%.

Until now the city of Bilbao has been characterized as a rough, industrial city.

Vern left his bag on the train.

Thomas was dressed in black.

Winston is waiting at the bus stop.

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Kenneth is one of the funniest and most interesting people I have ever met.

I think The isn't right.

Speak for yourself.

His ideas are a little archaic.

When they had reached the common where the geese fed, she sat down and unloosed her hair, which was of pure gold.

Spencer's attitude drives me nuts.

How did your date go?


The price is kind of high for a used car.

I'm hoping to arrive this weekend.

The journalist is what you call a cosmopolitan.

He is devoid of human feeling.

At present, the cause of the disease is unknown.

The superior man controls things, he is not controlled by them.

He gently lifted her hand and kissed it.

Gin is not my friend.

Foreigners are interesting, aren't they?

Whoever opposes my plan, I will carry it out.

Love your neighbour.

Please write down what I'm about to say.

Mike is definitely planning something.

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We chose a hotel near the museums.

I want to find out what it really is.

Get her.

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This is the first time I've ever fixed this machine.


Doesn't it sometimes just get to you?

My wish is to be a singer.

I think you should come and see it.

I want to know what you mean.

Po disappeared into the forest.

Anybody wanna grab something to eat with me?

Take off your mask.


Wait here for me.

Sandra is overdoing it.

Miek took out his knife.

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He is bad beyond correction.

Janice picked up a pen and started to write.

You've brightened my day.


Grammar is an empirical science, not a theoretical one.

Marian reached for Nathan's hand.

They're from Greece.

Why don't you wash your dishes?

Tait won't stop screaming.

The devil always finds a way to make something bad even worse.

Japan is the OECD country where children are the least likely to have used a computer before the age of seven.


After he came back from service in Afghanistan, Jared was plagued by flashbacks and nightmares.

Neville is in the army.

Patty thinks Elisabeth is a bit chubby.


Look, Kamel, we don't have time for this.

I forgot to call him.

Whoever she is, I don't want to see her.

You don't have to tell me. I already know.

I barely had time to think about it.

What thought do you think had the biggest impact on the English in the Middle Ages?

I am not a prophet.

Is Tuan with you now?

However the protagonist is aware of his own mistakes.

Tigger stood me up.

I want to see Walter in an hour.

She got home exhausted today.

Can you name anyone that we know who is as talented as he is?

After completing the homework, I reflected on something I had read in Truman's.

There's nothing else to talk about.

The reason for him being late was that he had missed the bus.

The cradle is as brand new as the born babe lying in it.

That's impossible for me.

Gerard is having trouble breathing.