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Uyghur is a Turkic language.

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I have to win.

Sanjib did all that he could.

Stewart has had enough of all this.

Adam can't speak very much French.

How will you get away?

He has had a crush on her.

Real was kind enough to show me the way to the station.


I still feel healthy.

How do you say 'a cat' in Hebrew?

Where's a ravine, there's a cossack.


A fact is, essentially, irrefutable.

There's an osteopathic clinic near the library.

Don't forget to come here at seven tomorrow.


The doctor will examine the pelvis and rectum to feel for any blockages

Many happy returns of the day!

I'm staying home.


She's Bjorne's sister.

I think Sridhar and Steen are in love.

The summer is over.

She is a sophomore.

Bradford used to send me birthday gifts.

Marnix pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket.

Yesterday we collected nearly half a kilo of pieces of broken glass on the beach within an hour, which was a record result.

Socorrito couldn't sleep last night.

We are not to be disturbed.


John listened carefully.

Would you mind telling me all about it now?

The whole body hurts me!

How did they know?

Shannon never complains, no matter how hard the work is.


I'd like to have this fabric dyed.

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We're going to send you to Boston to work in our office there.

There was a heated argument as to who should be appointed chairman.

Lewis was able to accomplish everything he'd set out to do.

Could I use your phone?

I had such a happy childhood.


I liked that band better before they became popular.

A tall boy is standing at the gate.

My dog is pregnant.

For all his city ways, he is a country boy at heart.

Teriann said he didn't find it funny.


Your history teacher would be proud.


He put an interesting idea before us.


Juha is beyond hope.


I lost my passport. I'll have to get a new one.


What lovely flowers!

Could I get a Japanese newspaper, please?

Ricardo spoke to Kory last night.

Does Susanne look nervous to you?

There were a number of students in the room.

The family members nursed the patient in turns.

I don't trust this driver.

Dan encouraged Linda to report the rape.

Thousands of dead fish have been found floating in the lake.

Jeanette turned out the lights.

He said, "I want to be a doctor."


There seems no need to hurry.


Perhaps we should advertise in the local newspaper for a reliable house painter.

He maintained that his theory was true of this case.

Whither shall one flee? Where shall I go and abide?

You can have my sandwich.

The children have already gone to school.


We'd better check it out.

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The boat plowed the waves.


I know a lot about ships.

At the same period, in Queen Elizabeth's reign, the population of England did not exceed five millions and a half.

The teacher distributed the leaflets.

We'll starve.

Heinz provided no further details.

I've got to shave before leaving.

May I add a point?

Do you know a good restaurant?

Someone's talking.

Neither students nor teachers should ever stop learning.

You must return the book by the end of April.


This is very difficult for me.

Please put this in the safe.

Here is the father's hat.

There are always some chores to be done around the house.

You are my only hope.

Malibu is on the coast of Southern California.

I'm sick of eating out every night.


Alexander made the children clean their rooms.

When I came to Japan, I burned my bridges.

You have a dog, don't you?

She saw her former employer at a conference.

Why do I have to do that?


I'm talking.

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If you can't make peace with yourself, how are you going to make peace with anyone else?

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We hardly see you anymore.

He is said to still be in Paris.

The guests caught him in his pajamas.

I've never even met her.

This company and I have signed a contract of three years.


The task's worth lies in the doing.

The devil is a squirrel.

The introduction of video replays to sport was a surprisingly fundamental change.

We regarded his behavior as childish.

What's the capital of the United States?

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The desk Ken uses is old.


It was the year A.F. 632. "A.F." meant "After Ford" as in the T-Model.

You must not forget to write to your parents at least once a month.

People were created to be loved, things were created to be used. The world is in chaos, because everything is opposite.

I go to Boston all the time.

There have been reports of several power outages.


When I was taking a bath, the telephone rang.

This is his car.

At night, this street is very peaceful.

The report has yet to be confirmed.

I recognized my former music professor at the party.

I think we found something.

Everybody did their part.

I'm afraid we're quite full at the moment.

She's looking at you.


In a minute, I'm going to tell you my life story.


Srivatsan did everything Saqib told him to do.

Kaj sat down on the bed.

He has a will of steel.

The plane flew toward the west.

Dan maintained his innocence all along the lawsuit.

Where did you splash them?

Dan wasn't familiar with weapons.


The guy over there has been undressing me with his eyes since we walked in the door.

Wars are not won by evacuations.

Rex doesn't smoke or drink.


Josip likes crossword puzzles.

She didn't seem interested.

I postponed doing my housework for a few hours.

Christian abhors violence.

Ofer is a cowboy.


The news was radioed to us.


What men don't see, God sees.

It is not characteristic of you to say such a thing to her.

Naomi asked me to shut the gate.

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I'm going by myself.


I feel like I'm making progress.

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Let me alone!

I was told to be ready to speak at a moment's notice.

Have you told Elaine you're here?

I remember everything.

I thought you wanted to talk to me.

What time will you be ready to leave?

I've decided to forgive him.

This tree measures three meters around.

I had a terrible experience.

Would you like me to call you a cab?

Anna is sure to know what we should do.


In my opinion, we need to diversify our assets.

I have to get that.

Stefan married a girl much younger than himself.


I know something you don't.

He usually asks for the menu of the day and a glass of beer.

Look! A flying cockroach!

It's very warm in my room.

You must strike while the iron is hot.

We learned what we should do first.

I buy you a present.

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Meeks drank the whole bottle of milk by himself.