He promises not to drink anymore.

She owns a large mansion.

I didn't translate this text myself.

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We've been told that you were the one who started the fight.

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You were the only one who knew where Woody went.

I can understand how you feel.

Can I have a word with you?

My parents' house is located high on a hill from which one can see the mountains in the east and the ocean in the north.

Relying on strength alone cannot guarantee victory.


You have little to gain and much to lose.


Why did you think Eddie wasn't going to be here?

Cristina owes you his life.

The hen was sitting on the eggs in the nest.

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Lum kissed me.

That's relatively easy to do.

Do you enjoy the work?

It is the painting he painted.

You should be in bed.

Thanks for the company.

To my disappointment, his letter didn't come.

Help me hide this money.

The magician Sarah. Apparently people call her "The Great Mage" or some such.

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The United States officially declared a state of emergency.

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She is holding a red flower.

Ping and Jef had to postpone their honeymoon.

What is Manolis reading?

Why is everything so difficult?

The guide will lead us to the famous park.


I cut myself with a hacksaw.

We cannot all be stupid. It would be against the laws of statistics.

I think love doesn't exist.

Some pupils find it difficult to follow the rules.

The child felt scared when he saw a ghost.


Don't wait up for me.


We're ready to leave.

When I returned home, my brother had done his homework.

You may be wrong.

I eat cornflakes for breakfast.

After that incident, he never drank again.

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It's been a tough day.

Did you say you've seen a UFO? You can't be serious!

She doesn't know where to look for him.

All I want to know is why.

Are you telling us the truth?


Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Her looks were suggestive of anxiety.

He is accustomed to braving the cold.

It's my call, Raghu.

Louiqa and Suwandi are planning a picnic at the lake.

People left a lot of stupid comments on your blog today.

I should probably spend more time with Jennie.

Brent's question took Matthew by surprise.

Let's try to treat each other with respect.


Silk feels soft and smooth.


We did this under very advantageous conditions.

Knute hasn't done it yet.

She could not help thinking that health is important.

He came upon his employee who'd been looking after the place in his absence.

If you go, I'll go, too.

We need some clues to understand it.

Bucky is just talking to himself.

We need to look at the bigger picture.

I'll call you up again in an hour.

Let me take you home.

We've been worried about you.

Lum knows his limitations.

She has no control over her class.


When is the party?

Margie and I got drunk together last weekend.

The frequency of crime in the town is high.

This is not my ticket.

Thomas is watching a movie.


How did your meeting with Barrio go?

A French language edition of this novel has also been published.

She is a native speaker of Dutch.


Dan always says the best way to ruin a good cup of coffee is to put cream and sugar in it.


Izchak thought I was Eric's boyfriend.

I think I'm being followed.

Try to be as discreet as possible.

He arrived to the accident scene nine hours after the crash.

I gladly accept your challenge.

There is a place not far off from here where we can use the phone.

He was incautious in regard to the decision.

It was raining heavily when I got up this morning.

The Australian Prime Minister has said that he does not intend to engage in megaphone diplomacy with Egypt over the jailing of an Australian journalist.


That'll be difficult.

Pablo refused to allow Think to see his daughter.

Will I be allowed to tell my story?

He is radical in thoughts.

Yes, I do. I answered.

My parents were sitting under the tree.

I don't have the energy for this life anymore.

What the church can't prohibit it blesses.

Bill would likely agree with you.

What are those people doing?

That's a bad day for me.

Mick scribbled something in his notebook.

I'm not defending her.


Aunt Yoko is too weak to work.

Even though I ate three bowls of cereal for breakfast, I'm still hungry.

He has the ability to manage a business.


Can you help us find them?

My boss just fired me.

On his return he found her daughter asleep.

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My foot's asleep again!

I'll give you as much time as you want.

It is too late to repent.

If you think that's necessary, you should do it.

Don't worry, present day cosmetic surgery is much better than what it used to be in Doctor Frankenstein's days.

I love cake.

You don't say.


Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.

We need paper.

Eugene didn't know that Mayo liked to cook.

It is written in simple English.

I have never been to the States.

Renu got mercury poisoning from eating canned tuna every day.

He is brief of speech.

If you ever want to get better, you have to take this medicine.

Spudboy swam yesterday.

How much do I owe you for the cup of coffee?

I'll never tell anyone what you just told me.

The river furnishes electric power to the town.

I am going to spend this weekend in Hawaii.

He fleeced three old ladies of their meager pensions.

Do you have anything for a headache?


Rajendra ran for help.

Would you like to hear me sing a song?

We took offense at the student's attitude.

Sherri said he had something important to do.

Vicki started pounding on the door.

I'll help you with your French, if you help me with my English.

Google is a liar.

Good things are easily spoiled.

I still bear her name in mind.

Kathy bikes to school.

He has not less than ten dictionaries.

I had a hard time making both ends meet.

You're three hours late.

Major hit me back.

Briggs doesn't wear suits.

What's that you have in your left hand?

Her singing was very impressive as usual.


God cannot make a triangle with more than 180 degrees.

I'm faxing over the information right now.

You used to like coming here.

They believed them.

I want your opinion.

The watch is slow.

That would be rude.


I can't imagine what that would be like.


Everyone worked very hard.

Everytime I look at him, he smiles.

Hazel really likes Brandon a lot.

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Did you ever break a bone?

This screw is loose.

She asked me to pass her the salt.

I have come here just to help.

See you tomorrow at the office.

The workers complained when their working hours were extended.

I'm just a plain office worker.

I keep asking myself that same question.

I didn't leave until after 2:30.

Solar energy is a new source of energy.

Don't you think that's a little shallow?

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I can teach you how to worship God.

Get me the evidence.

Will you tell the truth now?


You cannot demand of someone something that is impossible for them to do.