What was he thinking?


I have several dozens of them.

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Don't oppose him.

The cat rubs its face against her.

Kayvan won a free trip to Boston.


The girl we saw waiting in front of Hon's house was Christina.

Will you take the job?

He received three ships from the Queen.


You're going to stay with us a long time, I hope.


I wonder what Christopher meant.

It follows from this that he was aware of the fact.

Martin baked a cake for Agatha.

Put some ice on your leg.

The shorter the proverb, the more questions.

Can I see Ti now?

Phil is just kidding you.


I'm surprised Lenora didn't want to come.

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You let him get away.

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I need your clothes and bike.

That actually surprised me.

Hume bought Pablo a copy of "How to Win Friends and Influence People", by Dale Carnegie.


Dry wood burns quickly.

I don't care about being popular.

The room will be painted tomorrow.

There must be something wrong with the pen he is using.

You've got another big day tomorrow.

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I should go home.

Some people read books to kill time.

A glass of cold water please!

Sanche never wanted to go swimming as a kid.

Carolyn was friends with my son.

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Dieter pretended to be working hard, but in fact he was just contributing sentences to Tatoeba.


Wars bring scars.

I told my baby that she was very wonderful.

Go ahead and eat as much as you want.


If you can't afford a lawyer, one will be appointed to you.


Her heart has been hardening all throughout her string of bad hookups.

Some fluid is leaking into our office.

I asked him about the accident.

I never expected to be kidnapped.

It's so beautiful out here.

He never told her where he hid the diamonds.

I've got proof right here.

I plan to eat as soon as I get off work.

Father seldom comes home before eight.

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It is no use your holding me back.

As far as I know, he is a reliable friend.

This is quite surprising for several reasons.


Sales will continue to grow.

I'm so sorry to get you involved with this.

Wendi and Loukas don't talk to each other anymore.


I wish I hadn't read Kory's letter.

You should get some shut eye before the trip tomorrow.

The lady moved here a month ago.

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It was slightly off target.

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Oskar wore a red scarf around her neck.


I wanted to be with her all the time.


I'll check in with you later.

He decided to feed his dog the rabbit that he had shot earlier that day.

Maarten picked up Rudolf's jewelry box and opened it.

That was a pretty good movie.

I need some time alone.

Light the lantern so we can see.

Maybe we should take Les with us.

How many exposures would you like?

Al is very grumpy tonight, isn't he?

Come and see us sometime.

It sounds terribly complicated.

Camillus returned to the city triumphant.

I'm smashed!

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Is there a white eggplant?

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Her life has all the trappings of privilege.

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We're worried about Ram.


He could speak French.

We actually don't have to do that now.

That belonged to him.


As soon as work is over, he makes a beeline for the pub.

You'd better prepare Oscar for the news.

The sky will soon clear up.

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He came to set the captives free, making sinners into saints.


I told Ricardo what questions to ask.

Look, they say listening to Mozart makes tomatoes grow.

We should determine what is to be done first.

Some species are probably not domesticable--the polar bear comes to mind--others, seemingly unlikely--like the alligator--are being farmed today, although keeping them confined has turned out to be a bit of a problem.

I'm prepared to do anything to better myself.

Anything you're good at contributes to happiness.

I should be happy for them.


Bring my bags up to my room.


In what round was the boxer knocked out?

He gave us a false story.

Please tell her I'll come after I do some shopping.


We should do more to protect the ozone layer from further damage.


Are you really that desperate?

Our school starts at 7:15.

I don't think I've ever been happier.

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I guess you talked to her.

Dwight finished in third place.

I'll stay here until tomorrow.

I know what it takes.

You don't listen, do you?


I'll stay here and help you.

They did not protest working long hours for low pay.

You've lost the ability to concentrate.

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Does Jesper have any pets?


I've made a reservation at a drinking place near Shinjuku Station. It's all you can drink for 2 hours for 2,500 yen.

The scientist is famous both at home and abroad.

I like to be alone.

My mother is doing the shopping.

The carriage rolled on, and the peasants resumed their dancing.

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The boy skipped over the fence.


Tomorrow is not a promise, but a chance.

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You're awfully quiet, Shari.


You do understand the danger, don't you?

It's really stressful.

Brett walked to the front of the room.


We must talk first.

I can help you with that.

What shall we eat tonight?

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This proves everything!


Everyone is ready.

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Did you answer Glen's question?

What time did you shut the shop up last night?

I don't want to fight anymore.

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He was almost asleep.

Please give that back to me.

I'll run it by them.

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I want to increase my vocabulary.

Leo said you would ask a lot of questions.

As Tao tried to tell you, you're not allowed in here.

Now, answer my question.

The road here elevates slightly.

He'd rather live in blissful ignorance.

Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the Moon. July 1969 AD. We came in peace for all mankind.

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Do you believe our destinies are controlled by the stars?


There's a lot of crazies in the library.


George isn't going to leave you.

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I'm really careful.


I don't think you're going to need me to help you anymore.

That will let you blow off steam.

How fast does this car go?

I'll explain it in more detail later.

It makes all the difference.

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Politics divides people, while culture unites them.

She's pregnant with twins.

I am leaving the books here.

Asians generally have black hair.

Vincenzo is wearing what appears to be some kind of uniform.