We forgive you.

You might not like this.

Indra says he goes jogging at least three times a week.

I'm always home on Sunday.

We don't have enough bandwidth to use that service.

You're sure there's no way?

There was little furniture in the room.

She studies Chinese too.

Tait knew there was a problem.

Lorraine isn't as healthy as he used to be.

She seldom gives way to tears.

I'm happy the apple I'm eating is green!

You're not invited to lunch.

How could you do that?

It doesn't have to be this way.

Charles was 30 years old.


Hi Reid, and welcome to Tatoeba!


When a friend comes from afar, is that not delightful?

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It's hard to believe that Pablo is still single.


I could be in my office all day.

A barking dog does not bite.

He came across the Atlantic in a small sailboat.

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She was on the point of going out.

After the war, Ford entered politics.

You can wait all afternoon if you like, but Tollefsen won't see you.

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Bertrand is very untalented.

The older a town is, the more garbage it produces.

It cannot be denied that we cannot do without the telephone in our modern life.

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Three weeks went by.

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Marilyn refused to accompany Maria to the ball. He didn't want to fill in for Johannes who had fallen suddenly ill.


The cavalry charged the enemy.

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If you know how to operate in any environment, you just might have savoir faire.


The population of Tokyo is greater than that of London.

Esperanto exists despite the 'Esperantists'.

Imports of British goods increased.

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Ten tame goats pull ten hundredweights of sugar to Zurich main station.


Playing tennis is his hobby.

Do you have a computer at home?

Where can we meet you?

I got up at the crack of dawn.

I think that's very sweet, Presley.


The police brawled with the demonstrators.

It's our turn to pay the bill.

I brought you red roses.

Sehyo was caught stealing money from the cash register.

Woman observes, man decides.

Root didn't expect to be appointed chairman.

You'd better see a doctor and get a shot.

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Humans are the only animals that can use fire.

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My parents shall be proud of me.


I'm majoring in economics.

This message is for them.

Miki hates being left alone.


It is better to remain silent, than to talk without purpose.

Kyung walked back to the podium.

How was the ballet?

Don't ask.

Where did you find that strange thing?

"Mott drank three cups of coffee after dinner." "No wonder he couldn't sleep."

I love no other man so deeply as him.

Don't let Frank hit Honzo.

Marion did not get along well with the other girls.

Heinz is never going to make it.

You won't believe me.


What could be better than that?

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Are you from round these parts?

I don't think anyone really thought Belinda was busy.

Because I live near the school, I come home for lunch.

She was at a loss for words to express her feeling.

It fits you like a glove.

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Let's hope we find something.

I'll try to make things as easy as possible for you.

I've already had a coffee.

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Are you bored? If so, you can watch TV if you like.


You told him that he should have a reward.


Mikey enjoys playing the flute.


Nothing could've made Anita happier.

Let's go back up there.

Laurence didn't have any brothers or sisters.


I can't ask Lisa for any more money.

Don't even think.

While I'm translating sentences on Tatoeba, my wife is weeding the garden.


Hirofumi appreciated all the letters Duke sent him while he was in prison.

I just thought you were bored.

You should always plan for the worst-case scenario.


She plants plants on the roofs of plants.


Why would God allow this to happen?


I had to lend to him money.

God knows I am telling the truth.

Bill got up early so he could catch the first train.


The marionette took off his clothes and laid them on the sand to dry.

I am baffled.

This dictionary is well adapted for beginners.

I have never slipped on a banana peel.

Are you brothers?


I guess I had better decide before I book the accommodation and flights.

It won't be worth the risk.

Can you imagine yourself alone on a boat in the middle of the ocean?

I forgot about them.

I'll get this to her.

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It looks like an antique.

I've just been to the post office.

That swimsuit looks really good on you.


I saw him last weekend.

I don't believe we have enough time.

Smog hung over Tokyo.

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"Today's Tuesday, right?" "Yeah." "Why's it so crowded?"


The face of thy mother's reflected in the sky.

The meeting is over.

No other river is longer than the Shinano.


You must plan ahead.

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Taking all things into consideration, I have made up my mind to give up the idea.

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You helped them, didn't you?

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You should darken the colours a little.

I'm not a deadbeat.

The library is to the right.


They told me the same thing that you did.


Ann apologized to her teacher for coming to school late.

Lock and barricade all doors.

My sisters have the same color eyes.

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Where are you going to stay in the States?

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In my house it's my mother who's the boss.


He loses his temper quite easily.


Shai doesn't want to go there by himself.

All in all, Tyler's had a good year, both work-wise and family-wise.

It is too early to get up.

Boyce is sensible.

It was one late September afternoon.

There don't say it it's forbiden, but it's mandatory.

Cris certainly knows how to party.

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In my experience, it is possible for me to speak quickly with pauses between every word.

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He is very learned.

Many paintings hang in the shop.

This pear smells nice.

You do believe me, don't you?

Santa must be from Boston.


He's a Sephardic Jew.

Let the tea sit a while before you drink it.

Brad looked around and then whispered something into Hughes's ear.


Airplanes are audible long before they are visible.

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Do you think we can help her?

Piet arrived too early.

I have three questions for you.

I never drank anything but soda.

This is one of the best local newspapers.

Judith bought himself an expensive watch.

There's definitely something bothering Marguerite.


An aide told reporters, off the record, that the senator had been lying.