I worked all night so to meet the deadline.

I want to spend my life with Randal.

Moore knows us well.

Please remain seated for a few minutes.


I'll see her later today.

If it's all right with you, I'd like to stay for a while longer.

Travis handed Boyd a small brown bag.

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Come to my concert tomorrow evening.


Please talk about your family.


How did Dimetry get it so wrong?

What must we do?

We're being paranoid.

Dirk doesn't have a cat.

Aircraft carriers are good to invade and annihilate weak countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. They're completely useless against a nuclear nation like Russia or China.

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You're really patient, aren't you?


Strictly speaking, his view differs somewhat from mine.

I've made a big mistake.

The penis entered the vagina.

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I am folding my dress.

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world.

They were very excited.

Let them eat if they want to.

What is the difference?

Elliot is the only one here who doesn't understand French.

Why don't you go home now?


You missed Shari, didn't you?

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This is a tree.


I get up at 6:30.

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I like walking.

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I wanted to tell you.

I'm really good at my job.

I played with a computer.


Stay out of Louie's room.

All the world wishes to have peace.

You have worked hard to succeed.


I'm sending Tuna to Boston to help you.

I have tennis practice.

I wish to send postcards to my friends in the United States.


What did you tell Debi first?

We're not going.

The company gave out a press release.

I can prevent that from happening again.

If you're done reading the book, please put it back where you found it.

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I want to lose ten pounds.

He doesn't understand English.

I beg you.


You're very sophisticated.

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Only three people attended Sanjeev's funeral.


Neither wild nor domestic animals appear to have any premonition of death.

Thousands of people rushed to Nome.

I'm living in Boston.

I can't read the title of the book at the bottom of the stack from this far away.

Don't play baseball here.


As long as you're here, I'll stay.

40 Euros for a scarf? Don't you have anything cheaper?

She tried to hide her shame.

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They won a big contract.

Some snakes are dangerous.

Do you think Monica is upbeat?

There was a great crowd at the party.

I'll be fine.

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I want to try my best for as long as I am physically able to.


Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.


I can only discuss it with them.


Is your watch working?


The girl wore a light blue kimono.


He is possessed by an unusual idea.

How can I speak to a man I have not yet known ?

Sanand is still uncertain about whether to go to college or not.

I guess that doesn't make sense.

Lend me as much money you can.


We go to the market.

I arrived last night.

My mother told me why my father was so angry with me.

I mistook Manolis for his brother.

Judy spent hours on end writing and rewriting her essay.

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He finally realized that he was wrong.

Does she know you?

Valentin realized what Eliot was doing.

Be vigilant.

A witty man is only worth something if he has character.

Where is my Mezuzah?

It is necessary for you to see a doctor at once.


She is always very affectionate with her relatives.

My parents expect me to become a doctor.

It can't be that bad.

Manon is not like the other girls.

There are more things than what reason can understand.

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Did Andrew actually tell you that?


I can't do that to him.

Shyam did what he was told to do.

The girl opened up her birthday present and smiled.

I can't understand Marian.

My watch is not working normally.

Would you give me the honor of letting me carry you in my arms?

I miss talking with her.

You can't always do what you want.

It's getting late. I gotta go.

I don't know when he will arrive.

She knows French, and even more English.

What's your favorite vacation spot?

Do you have a bigger bowl?

Shadow didn't seem surprised to see Alastair at the concert.

I saw her three hours ago.


My ear is itching.


Shall we go to a little more upscale restaurant?

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I bet you've never climbed a tree.

This place was bombed during the war.

We baked these cookies for them.


He fucked up.

You must miss him a lot.

Cristina is not a good cook.

They have decided to put aside old wounds.

Marion tried to convince Vassos to have a threesome.

Before you die you see the ring!

Deirdre has come a long ways.

You've done nothing but complain ever since you got here.

Kathleen keeps his gun loaded.


I won't tolerate that anymore.

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Yes, that's normal.

The tree is green all year round.

I was completely shocked by Saqib's accusation.

Man's skin is very sensitive to temperature changes.

The shops were so many!

It's impossible to tell what she really believes.

The scales of this fish shine with the light.

There is no road to love. Love is the road.

He despises people of a lower social class.


Sabrina said that he was angry.

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Playing baseball is fun.


Brian is hard at work.

Doctors should exercise caution when prescribing opioids.

I bet Hilda never spoke to you like that.

Are you planning to talk to Jef?

The mother doesn't love any one of her children more than any of the others.

What he is saying is very important.

I'd like you to give me that.

Did you know them?

That's why I asked Alan to leave.

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I was going to do it yesterday.


Since he was feeling sick, he stayed home from school.

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You're a middle child, too, aren't you?


We are anxious about your health.


You've got to be careful.

You should not give your children everything they want.

Pia loves zombie movies and watches them whenever he can.

Don't try too hard.

Such toys have a bad influence on children.


Since when do you listen to my phone calls?

Spiders, scorpions, and ticks are arachnids.

It's not like I haven't been trained for this.


How many players are there?