What is VindowHD?

VindowHD: Video Window in High Definition

VindowHD is a personal billboard with interactive options for your storefront.

Effortless Advertising

Presentations are made for you
Optional Ticker
Include Youtube Videos
Customers can scan QR Codes

Installation & Maintenance

No Cost Service Calls
Remotely Maintained
Placement Options Available

Display Everything In One Place


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Using VindowHD

Put your storefront to work:

Your storefront is truly your company’s window to the world. If it’s empty, poorly signed or displayed it is sending the wrong message to your customers. Make sure it’s advertising your business today with VindowHD!

Spreading the word:

VindowHD Digital Media Marketing is an ideal way to communicate important information to current and potential customers. Spread the word about special discounts, clearances, sales, now hiring, and hours of operations. Even when your store is closed, your VindowHD marketing will stay busy communicating with everyone!

Get more impressions for less cost:

For a store front window, every person that comes by will see your window advertisement, whether they are driving past on their daily commute or walking through the parking lot to another store. On a busy street or in a popular shopping center, that adds up to a lot of impressions, for a low cost!

Get Creative:

Thanks to the latest technology, window signs can be anything but boring. Using VindowHD Digital Video Boards and iShopMedia’s design team you can produce custom, eye catching and fade-resistant graphic displays. VindowHD will get your business noticed!

Capitalize on impulse purchases:

People love to window shop, Give potential customers something to look at and then hit them with a deal to bring them in!

Change it easily and often:

People respond to new and different things. Even the most creative designs can become boring if left up too long. We can change your designs and offerings whenever you ask!

Stay relevant:

New offers, opportunities or promotions that can be used to tie your business into current events and happenings.

You must be constant and consistent:

Major Fast Food Chains advertise daily on dozens of media platforms. They do this to stay fresh and create top of the mind awareness. Your marketing message must be constantly reinforced! Your customers will forget you if they don’t hear from you.

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