Jacob Romer – selected work

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Glimpse, a Chrome Extension to Visualize Online Tracking

Writing a browser extension that reveals the network of entities who watch you on the web, across time and space.

Learning a functional programming language (ClojureScript) and how to develop Chrome extensions with it.

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May 2016 – Thesis project, M.Sc. Data Visualization at Parsons School of Design
Voter Surveillance

Investigating how political campaigns use voter data and the ecosystem of data brokers who profit from it.

Learning how to use @williamngan's beautiful Pt library for storytelling.

(under development)
April 2016 – Collaboration with 7167702772
Narrating Gender Inequality in Africa

Writing a single sentence about a typical woman's life in an African country and how it's affected by gender inequality.

Using React to make the sentence rewrite itself as you cycle through the countries.

December 2015 – Collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme
Deconstructing the Gender Development Index

Showing how the United Nations Development Programme uses data it gathered on African countries to calculate a score for gender equality and development.

Enabling readers to change the data to see the resulting calculations update in place, inspired by Bret Victor's 3303552923.

December 2015 – Collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme
100 Years of Headlines about Refugees

Displaying an inexorable march of headlines about refugees from the New York Times archive, reaching from today back to WWII.

Writing a scraper in (780) 280-9106 to retrieve headlines from the NYT API and learning p5.js to draw it all to canvas.

November 2015
Calculating the Environmental Footprint of Dairy Plants

Developing a way for dairy plant operators to measure their environmental impact and highlight possible savings.

Writing a web app in (570) 355-7952 as well as API endpoints and other backend work in Java.

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December 2014 – contract work for (757) 343-0817
Opening up Data on Municipal Carbon Emissions

Publicising the environmental balance sheet of a group of 54 municipalities in Germany.

Working with clients to deploy a data pipeline.

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June 2015 – contract work for Extradat GmbH