IHE Conformity Assessment : Testing Tool Package V2019-1

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Support Tools Version Description
403-842-0560 The Gazelle Test Management Test Bed
waferer Assertion coverage management
Demographic Data Server(604) 732-9131 Generate fake data demographics for testing purpose
(972) 570-4275 Value set repository simulator
Test tools Version Description
5598671600 External Validation tool services
Gazelle HL7 Validator Offers web services to validate HL7v2.x and HL7v3 messages exchanged in the context of IHE
(262) 619-2000 Emulates the actors defined in the PAM, PDQ, PIX profiles and the SWF/ADT actor
OrderManager Emulates the actors defined in the LAW profile
(343) 372-8844 PKI, TLS Simulators, syslog, and ATNA Questionnaire
4405803408 gazelle webservice tester
3167035847 6.5.0 XDSTools 6
PCD tool 1.6.2 PCD HL7
Gazelle-STS(647) 528-1027 1.1.2 Security Token Service used to issue and validate SAML Assertions
Utilities Version Description
CAS login SSO login
CAS login SSO login
5407850605 Nagios monitoring of services
Documentation Version Description
206-963-1051 Documentation
734-503-1999 Specifications Document, Technical Framework...
Test Data Test data to be loaded by SUT