Will you give this to her?

One cup of coffee, please.

Is this the Taylors'?

Why do that now?


I think Giles would know the answer to that question.

It's hard not to come to this conclusion.

The foreigner does not have an Italian name.

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You'll work solo.

We gave him an apple.

Dan was reassigned to work at the sales department.

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Who cut the melon?

She got the thief.

They found gunshot residue on the victim's hand.

He sells cars.

I have been completely open with you.

She was anxious to know the entrance exam results.

I am forced to do it.


I have seen the picture before.

Listen to me!

I want it to be a success.

No, not me. It's my younger brother.

Jerrie didn't eat anything yesterday.

Malus found out Tanya was stealing from the cash register.

That's what you call sweet revenge!


He's still mad.

The company's profit amounted to $250 million before tax.

I defended the republic as a young man, I shall not desert it in my old age.


I was ratted out by my best friend.

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Let me get you another drink.

I wonder what's going on.

We happened to meet again through a strange coincidence.

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Did Stevan change anything?


Is Cathy fun?

Many trees fell down.

I just want to sit in a corner and cry.

My boss has a grudge against me.

The earth is sited in an energy gradient as on a hillside, with golden nuggets tumbling continually from above.

I think it necessary for you to see him.

Tuan only does what he has to do.

Dale promised he would tell us as soon as William arrived.

Shut up, idiot!

Sergeant helped raise Michael and John.

They saw the ship.

It just doesn't sound right.

Go away. I want to be alone.

I'll be able to do it on my own.

The danger is apparently over.

She feels hurt.

Ti's parents locked him in the cellar.


Yesterday she was writing better than today.


Thomas thinks he can tell when Louise is lying.

I was an outsider.

I think only time will tell.

I'm not your boyfriend.

Come on down.


Horst can't be held responsible for this.

You're pretty good at that.

Nanda didn't let me in on his secret.


Hwa was improving his results.


I like to go to school.


Sid can't eat peanuts.

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They did not invite me to their wedding.

We made them an offer.

My father died three years ago, that is to say in 1977.

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Jack had a crush on Martha when he was in junior high school.

From year to year, pollution problems are becoming more and more serious.

He may well be fired.

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Did I do that?


Hope is the last thing that man has to flee unto.

Don't you trust your instincts?

Did you speak with Raman?


We should plant more flowers.

We'll leave in half an hour or so.

Take Brodie to the station.

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It was a fantastic day.


They started a new business.


Dan got expelled from school.

They're married.

I'm not so sure I want to study French.

How long does it take from here to your house?

What happens if you get wet?

You can also find many books in various formats at Project Gutenberg.

I used to play with my sister in the park.

It's second-hand.

There's someone at the door.

Timothy is very good at chess.

The mayor administers the affairs of the city.

He found his parents.

I owe you so much.


Do you bring peace, or warfare?

Appearances often are deceiving.

Hit me.

I think he will never come back.

The motor overheats.

Sally seldom laughed at Hui's jokes.

There's something on that shelf that Brian wants.

He had a very heavy study program.

This winter has been mild.


Jong didn't know that Giovanni was going to be here.

Eileen told me a few weeks ago.

Can you get me some water?

We're conservative.

I can't leave work until five o'clock.

I'm looking for a school where I can paint portraits.

Happiness does not consist simply in wealth.


One should respect one's spouse.

Come talk with me.

Put the luggage somewhere.

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Cristina should eat something.

You're always complaining.

You mustn't reveal Page's secrets.

I have a giant stuffed panda bear.

Donn began to feel sleepy.


Suzanne must be crazy.


I knew it was unhealthy.

Our victory is secure.

Russ went to go call the police.


Leora lowered himself into the water.

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You should write Bobbie a letter.

Wipe that smirk off your face.

Eugene grabbed his briefcase and left.

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Their religious fervor was unparalleled.

Rabin is in really bad shape.

I don't care about King anymore.

He will object to your going abroad.

Do you enjoy making me feeling like the dead?

Now run along.

Movie making is an exciting job.


I can't keep it in.

They say that she is in love with him.

He dismissed the employee.

I've got very little time.

I need to think of a plan, and fast.


If I had left a little earlier, I would have caught the last train.


What flower is blue?

I wonder why Lin didn't want to go to Boston with us.

The robot's guidance system has gone haywire. It keeps bumping into walls.

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His classmates laughed at him at once.

They forced me to lie.

Kory is at a confidence in Boston.

You are both welcome to come with us.

Go any time you want, tomorrow afternoon.

This ticket entitles the bearer to one chocolate sundae.

I came to you because I want to help.

I can't imagine living without electricity.

Michel said he couldn't remember anything.

This house is not very large.

A girl opened the door in answer to my knock.

It leaves you breathless.

She was very afraid of him.

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I'm going to tell Trying everything he wants to know.

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He pretended like it never happened.

We're planning to spend our honeymoon abroad.

The snow fell quickly.

Why don't you ask Mohammad if you can borrow his bicycle?

Here's a short list.

Can he do it?

The individual does not exist for the good of the State.

We suspect poisoning.

Cory is wearing makeup.

I'd be surprised if Rathnakumar taught me English.

They're absolutely right.