We need to decide today.

John came to Japan yesterday.

I don't think you'll be disappointed.

This is my younger brother.


I have two tickets to the Yomiuri Giants - Chunichi Dragons night game. Want to go?

They had some.

Parts facing the oncoming flow are said to be windward, and parts facing away from the flow are said to be leeward.

Neville doesn't hate Cory.

Thad and his friends headed towards the beach.

I can't remember the last time I saw Lori so happy.

Don't spend so much time watching television.


Here is your book.

Let's just say yes.

Am I supposed to be afraid of you?

Sally is looking forward to it.

The principal wants to talk to you.

Kenton is going to be fine, right?

You've obviously got a problem.

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Axel died a few months later.

I love to help.

At last, the ugly frog said to the princess: "I've eaten to fullness, and I'm tired. Now take me to your little room, make your little silk bed, and there we'll lie down and sleep."

This medicine has a terrible flavor.

They have already proven it!


Don't you have any beer?


Spike seems perplexed.

My toes are frozen.

Such things can happen from time to time.

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I told her not to come today.

He who is born for a dime, will never be worth a quarter.

I may want to stay a while.


My superior excused me for arriving late.

My mom bought me this toy when I was eight years old.

Sharan has already called for a tow truck.

That'll change.

I was told not go out, which advice I followed.

Who are the people I saw her with?

It is likely that it will rain.


Love is in the air.

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Aren't you guys done yet?


Jay wants it for himself.


They couldn't think where to go.

Can you tell me how to get to the train station?

Shall I cook dinner today?

Suddenly, the door closed with a loud noise.

We decided to keep it a secret.

I'd study harder if I were you.

And that's how Saiid met Toerless.


She borrowed a book from him many years ago and hasn't returned it yet.

Page is keeping his promise.

He is a man of few words.

I can hardly imagine her doing that.

You're tempting fate.

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This may hurt a bit.

It's a fine day.

I just got back to Boston.


That's my sister.

Andy leaned on the counter.

Boy, did he suddenly turn pale...

Where there's smoke there's fire.

You'll see to it, won't you?


The child threw a stone at the cat.

For sale: baby shoes, never used.

I was a good student.

She looks very much afraid.

My wife goes to the village market to buy foods every day.

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Did you just realize that?


He stuck to his beliefs and accomplished a difficult task.


There is a hole in his sock.

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Where did you find the keys?

He picked up the newspaper and glanced casually over the front page.

They argued the new bill for hours.


I would be good, if I didn't have this headache.

I am keen on Sanjeev's passing the examination.

Rudolf saw a notice on a lamp post offering a reward for the return of a lost dog that answers to the name of Sid.

I am looking for a job, sir.

Beliefs are not liable to verification.

The man died of thirst in a dry country.

Take your dog away.

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There are more girls than boys in our school.

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It happened once.

She sacrificed her life.

He studied law at Yale University.

Is it true that you crossed this river by swimming?

The stage was sprinkled with flower petals.

From start to finish, there was nothing wrong with his behavior.

I talked to Marty about our plans.

I saw some poor cats kicked out.

The statement imported that changes were necessary.

When did Loukas leave for Boston?

Pria wanted me to go, so I went with him.

Well, there's no such thing as being too late to correct one's faults.

They didn't listen.

They run the university with a view to making a lot of money.

We're bored.

It's worth talking about.

Vistlik is working there.

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I must get there by 9 o'clock.

Hwa was cleared of the theft charge.

I was the last to know.


There's enough room for everybody.


On TV someone with a serious look on his face is talking about the problems of our country's future.

I often enjoy listening to classical music after supper.

Am I forgetting anyone?

Why don't you start talking first?

The pride of New York are its museums.


Ernie was never threatened.

I need to get more food.

A big crowd gathered at the scene of the fire.

You're not leaving, are you?

I'm nothing like him.

I'll stop speaking to you in French.

Is he always like that?

The covers of this book are too far apart.

Nici had a good reason for not paying his rent on time.

Tell Kristian he's going to have to work late today.

I was very much annoyed with him.

I saw my reflection in the window.

The fire was soon extinguished.

They're all bad.

The streets are flooded.


He has made his way in life.

It smells like something's burning.

I have no proof.


Lloyd runs faster than Pieter.

It was hard to believe.

I don't like the way you speak your mind.


I followed all the rules.

With whom is the appointment?

I want to focus on the future.

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Let's see what we get.

Tracy and Vince met up again.

Tait found Scott repulsive.


I don't think Liza is in the mood to work right now.

I knew I should've come with you.

I am podding peas.


I suggest you avoid asking Micah that question.

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It has been raining since last Saturday.

I guess Ian's not particular.

The company pays me 100,000 yen in various allowances a month in addition to the regular salary.

His mother said that he had been sick in bed for five weeks.

You don't have to worry about funds.


Who taught you how to play the piano?

Klaudia wore a plain blue dress.

It has happened before and it will probably happen again.

With those results, you won't be able to go to university.

Kimmo hasn't seen June in three years.


We should do that.


I can't work with you standing there.

Those houses are 500 years old.

He broke off in the middle of his speech.

Someone needs to tell her that.

The kids fought each other, so that parents had to intervene.


He studies at a cram school.

She had never seen him before.

He succeeded to the family business.

Even expert drivers can make mistakes.

You were almost killed.

Anybody who wants this book can be given it.

Yesterday I was caught in a shower on my way home from walking in the park.

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Nick is jittery.


I'll be back in ten minutes.