No, no! I am going back to town.

Mariou doesn't want to go to school anymore.

Isn't Clare supposed to be helping Ima clean the house?

I only want a bit more coffee.

He heard his name called from behind.

This is an institution for the criminally insane.


My grandfather founded and my parents developed this company.

I have to know for sure.

OK, people, move along.

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The horse broke its neck when it fell.

Are you able to close the door?

How beautiful this flower is!


This is my big break.

Girls are girls and boys are boys.

She wants to know who sent the flowers.

It is rather cold again today, but tomorrow we expect the temperature to rise.

I took my little sister by the hand when we crossed the street.

She has decided to run every day.

Magma can rise when pieces of Earth's crust called tectonic plates slowly move away from each other. The magma rises up to fill in the space.

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How many museums did you visit?


Would you have some time on Monday to come over and help me move my piano?

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I was born on February 14, 1960.

There were as many as five hundred people present.

I think this is true.

About four years ago my Achilles tendon started to hurt and I was told it was Achilles tendonitis.

Humans have big brains.


In any case, the union has to compromise to a certain extent.

Both had had a restless night, the old man due to insomnia, and the young girl due to delicious dreams.

She's now a college student.


Gregg will never admit that he was wrong.

We have information for them.

You have to do it again.


Black holes are extremely compact space objects that were once massive stars which collapsed inward due to the force of their own gravity.

He was filled with anxiety about his wife's return.

Clarence expected Tad to show up on Saturday afternoon.

Sanity doesn't get along with anybody at work.

Would you like for me to do that for you?


Hang on a minute. There's quite a few black chess pieces over there.

I know that there will be a lot of good food at the picnic.

Illness often results from poverty.

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You seem to have had that car for years.

I like dark red better.

Where are my sentences?


Today is her first day of school.


She stopped receiving a pension after she was caught committing fraud.


I appreciate what she did for me.


Have you already ordered?


What would you say if I told you I was quitting?


I didn't hit anybody.


The university offers access to its campus libraries only to those members of the public with a legitimate research need to consult our collections.

At night, I write in the living room.

I'm genuinely happy for her.

You owe me a new keyboard that isn't full of coffee.

It wasn't real.

Since the rain stopped, they resumed the game.

I'm not going to quit.

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You shouldn't speak to your parents that way.

I asked Billie if he wanted to go to Boston with me.

Don't be a bitch.


There is a cat in the kitchen.


That guy's got a big mouth.

I'm sure Dominick would agree with me.

They can't touch me.

Do you know who wrote this book?

I'm so bored.

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This kind of mistake is easy to overlook.


The cherry trees are in bloom.

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I don't answer stupid questions.


The whale is not a fish but a mammal.


He was lost in thought with his hand on his forehead.


Tony, the rota is here.


Take the one you like best, whichever it is.

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I found the glass empty.

teach your friend to keep smile while clicking picture

Please help him!


My scarf is blue.


The teacher sat on the chair.


If you eat that much, you'll get fat.

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Mwa said that she was fine.

The paint was coming off the wall.

Anatoly made breakfast.

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Can I extend my stay?

My sister is an English teacher.

Which color do you like more, blue or red?

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Quit wasting my time.

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The windscreen is the large glass window at the front of a vehicle.

The room was a complete mess.

He has two pencils; one is long and the other short.

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It's a child that is eating the meat.

Time and circumstances bring wisdom.

Too much water drowned the miller.

Most people don't know that the language Lojban exists.

The issue fell between the cracks.


Japanese companies emphasize hierarchy.

Corruption is a serious problem in many countries around the world.

You can't really expect me to do your homework for you.

He asks me for it every time he sees me.

She seemed to like him.

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How much did you pay for this?


Joon has no intention of letting his son travel by himself.


I had a date with Jane last night.

What do you generally watch in the evenings?

Look after the cat while I'm away.

My son is small for his age.

I wonder what raccoons eat.

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I got the need for a car.

You're always welcome here, Hirofumi.

This happens every day.


Is there space for one more person?


What was it you asked me to do?

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The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. (Ray Kroc)


Niels could see that Juliet was on the verge of crying.


George's smile vanished instantly.

Vijay called his wife to say he'd be late.

The anpan from Kimura is really good.

She can't ride a bicycle yet.

Camillus returned to the city triumphant.

I think it's time for me to leave now.

Is Kyu in danger?

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I don't believe Amarth.

You can't buy anything interesting in this store.

Who benefits from that?

Hey, I'm practically naked here.

Sharks can smell even a tiny amount of blood in water.

You're just going to have to trust me.

Did you get everything you wanted?

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This is a no-win situation.

The work was finished before I arrived.

When real life friends desert us, books are always ready to offer friendship, sympathy and motivation.


I have only one thing to say.

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Someone said Ernie is looking for us.

Don't spit through the window.

Let's go for a walk after lunch.

While they were all amusing themselves, a great sledge came by; it was painted white, and in it sat some one wrapped in a rough white fur, and wearing a white cap.

He works well.

I want to see that girl again some day.

Do you think Ramadoss will accept my invitation?

He really likes it.

I'm saying this out of kindness.

Give me a piece of paper.

Lievaart put off going to Boston.

He was charged with speeding.

As science advances as some describe it, into itself, - by creating technology which is then subsequently of a higher complexity than the ideas it is to help explain - complications often can arise, such as a need for higher education for those who utilise it. This may not be a negative complication in itself, but gives rise to another problem: that this causes education about the subject's fundamentals to be sacrificed for the training in the utilisation of ever changing technology.

Blayne was fired from his job last week.

Chuck never got married.

She is at home in the subject.

Is Lisa in your class?


Schools don't teach the right things.