Don't worry. My lips are sealed.

You have to tell Tandy.

Penny was shot three times in the back.

I enjoy working out in the gym.


"Doug will probably be late." "Yes, that's a possibility."


She wakes up at six every morning.


Kristin still calls me from time to time.

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I have my own restaurant now.

We wouldn't ask you to do that.

This is extremely hard.

Is mom scolding the horse's hemp?

It looks like we're going to have a white Christmas this year.

The big oak tree breaks the force of the wind.

The river meanders across the plain.

He bought a number of books at the bookstore.

Grant is almost three years old.


It is said that truth always triumphs.

Setting goals that I'm excited to accomplish gets me motivated.

Travel the world!

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Yesterday, an explosion occurred at the fireworks factory.


Do you know how many millionaires live in Boston?

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There is no way to go there.

Actually it might be a good idea to start right now.

I was married once.


You're a very attractive man.

Miriam said he had no idea where Blake was.

I can do without your help either.

Olof probably thought I wasn't at home.

Are you deaf?

The date of the examination clashed with my sister's wedding.

Alf is in bad shape these days.

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Bob often tries to give up smoking.

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You may use it any time.


Len has never had the chance to do that.


He did the best he could.

Why don't we go out and get something to eat?

Ain't he cute?

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Our revenge will be the laughter of our children.

After the operation I was happy, since I managed to eliminate the cancer.

Why are you so sure Kerri told Emmett about what happened?

She measured the length of the room.

Some Latinos want to learn sinograms.

The sunshine improved his color.

Who should write it but himself?

I know you don't know either.

Go ahead, Tovah.


The telephone rings, but nobody answers.

You just look like a janitor!

I suggest you be a little more cooperative.

I almost became a carpenter.

If he had come five minutes later, he would have missed the train.

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I can tell you what I know.


If we don't make it we need to prolong the period of time.

You've been a great help to our family.

Let's be quiet.

I'd like to have some cigars.

Through the ages, human beings have looked up in wonder at the moon and the stars - just as I did last night.


I'm almost certain that we have enough water.


Plastic is too picky.


She was very excited.

We need all the practice we can get.

That's kind of far from Europe, don't you think?


We're workaholics.

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She gave me one last chance.

It's compact and lightweight.

If only I had wings!

I've started to learn French.

Samuel gave Tad some brandy.

Rarely has a debate attracted so much media attention.

She was born in Switzerland.


These bottles are reusable.

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The sheep graze the grass in the field.

I think Arnold is an idiot.

I am Hazel.

He learned the news while reading the newspaper.

I have to set a good example.

She doesn't speak three foreign languages.

Dogs can't speak, but it appeared as if the eyes of the dog said, "No, I don't have a home."


We'd do anything to help you.


You don't have to pretend with me.

Naren was completely shocked.

This cap is too small. Please show me another.

She was arrested.

I'll go with you.

No one can resist.

It wasn't Sunday that she visited me, but Monday.


This animal is very clever.

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I feel unappreciated.

After five years in the special forces, I quit.

Many young men went to war.

The rain has lasted for the past two days.

He never takes the train.


Sometimes you scare me.


How do they communicate?


My favorite website is Kylie Konnect and it's better than Facebook.

We gave him some apples.

They constructed a new government.

Last year in the spring I attended a cooking class and learned how to bake bread.

We talked for almost three hours.


You can't say that.

That sounds very cheap.

We clear the futons away in the morning.


He's your senior fellow apprentice.

While he was talking, I guess I was absent-minded.

There is a bus every 20 minutes.

I'll get even with you!

That store sells men's wear.


Shyam never forgot to do his homework.

Didn't you hear a scream?

The water has boiled away.


A Venusian day is longer than a Venusian year.

You have to believe me.

I told them I'd be right back.

She is quite decent in conduct.

I'll thank her.


I'd like to marry a girl who likes to play video games.


The more you know him, the more you like him.


As long as you have lots of money, you have lots of friends.

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Jun showed me a drawing of Kee that he drew.


I have an outstanding debt of 10 dollars.

Niels saw Laurie walking towards her car.

This is going to be great.

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Eve gave Adam the apple of knowledge.

I am afraid of everybody actually.

Get to the point.

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That seems like an affordable price.

I'll come by subway.

Kieran never seems to finish anything.


We will first ascertain the cause of the disaster.


What's wrong with you tonight?

Yoga can help lower stress.

He asked me out on a date.

I work with her boyfriend.

I pleased you, right?


I heard you were sick.

His work is below average.

I'm probably more ready than you are.

Show me the photos, please.

This is going to happen a lot from now on.

You better not do that!

Last night, I was so tired that I fell asleep with the TV on.

Is that a country or a city?

What's your daughter's name?


We thought Edgar and Panacea were lost at sea but then we saw the distress flare.

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That is not exactly what I said.

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Generally, Japanese people are shy.


You should wash this.


Yes, I understand, but we can't do anything about it.