What does Innovative Networks offer?
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Hosted IP PBX Solution
Hosted IP PBX SolutionSever the ties with your on-premise PBX and embrace a fully managed and scalable phone system that will provide your company the edge it needs to succeed. Innovative Networks Hosted IP PBX solution replaces your outdated voice system along with your data lines for a more efficient high-speed and dependable connection. With Innovative Networks’s Hosted IP PBX communications solution, your existing on-premise PBX is replaced with IP components housed and managed by Innovative Networks within our secure and environmentally managed data centers across the United Sates. Existing office phones are replaced with Cisco IP phones that connect directly to the existing company's data infrastructure. Compare the traditional on-premise PBX to Innovative Networks Hosted IP PBX communications solution. The Innovative Networks Hosted IP PBX communication solution offers high call capacity with state of the art features, requires no maintenance from your personnel, and has a lower total cost of ownership.
Is Innovative Networks Hosted IP PBX communication solution right for your Company?

  • Was your existing Phone system (PBX) manufactured on or before 2000?
  • Does your Phone system (PBX) require frequent maintenance?
  • Does your PBX lack advanced productivity features and conveniences?
  • Is your PBX nearing capacity?
  • Does your business have multiple locations or branches?
  • Does your office require phone moves or changes?

If you answered one or more questions with "Yes" than Innovative Networks will be able to present you with one of the most advanced solutions.

Please contact our sales office at 866-528-6869 and start saving today.

Benefits of Innovative Networks:

  1. Scale-on-Demand
  2. Geographic Freedom
  3. Enhanced Productivity
  4. Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
  5. Lower Cost of Ownership

Innovative Networks provides your business with a complete telecommunications solution, unlimited local and long distance calling, exceptional 24x7 customer support.

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01/23/2009 Port Redirection The drawback with natd(8) is that the LAN clients are not accessible from the Internet.

01/20/2009 Address Redirection Address redirection is useful if several IP addresses are available, yet they must be on one machine.




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