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Welcome to the Polygon Paws

It is us, Rigby, Sunny and Vashaa, a pack of three furry friends! Together we are a young development team located in the northern part of Germany, to be more precise, in Hamburg. Here we live our dream by creating video games. Vashaa draws the amazing art for our projects whereas Sunny and Rigby bring the technical skills to make our vision reality. To find out more about us, just check out our lovely team page.

Right now we are working on a secret project, which is not far from being revealed to you! Just give us a few more days weeks. So stay tuned, we would love to keep you updated on our work. It will be awesome, we promise! =)

Visit our blog to get a little more insight on our work and feel free to message us on Twitter! It is always nice to have a little chit-chat. And if you want to be one of the first to know when new stuff is available sign up for our newsletter! We are just starting our engines, and we’d be happy to take you with us on that journey. So hop on!

~ Your Polygon Paws