Teresa isn't as patient as Eddie.

Jerrie didn't find out he was adopted until he was thirteen.

This is the first time I've seen anything like this.

Indra doesn't want you to discover the truth.

I can see you have done your research.

Marika wanted me to live with her in her parents' village, but it was very cold out there.


She was livid.

The instant he saw me, he ran away.

All right, we'll meet at five.


What will we do, when you get here?

The girl with the long hair is Judy.

I'm very busy getting ready for the party.


Can you break this thousand-yen bill?

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He seemed to be very keen on music.

Maarten won't forget this.

He was sick of his job.

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Jeffie always hums while working.

We can't do this.

Kent is limping along.

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I'm sorry about what's happened.

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It does not worry me that people don't know me. It worries me that I don't know the people.


Rupert wanted to leave, but he couldn't.

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I miss my elementary school teachers.

The event is on Monday.

I agree. He's sure been the king of the hill since we brought him home.

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When did they leave?

She felt shy in his presence.

She decided to have the operation.

Charges against Nils have been dropped.

My house is backed by woods.

He's highly intelligent.

You guys will be there, right?

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I'm terribly hungry.

I lent my bicycle to Herb.

Angus wants to buy a necklace for Frank.

The police have been searching for Spy for years.

Ned's office is two miles west of her house.

That shouldn't be too difficult.

Betsy has been waiting for us for the past thirty minutes.

It seems that Alice is very pleased with the suit.

It was a nice feeling.

Now, come over here.

Kuldip was the first one to enter the classroom.

I need an analgesic.

You screwed up.


According to Rudolf, Cynthia is just a predatory guru who promises gain.


What's the matter with the lights?


Put the lid on and start at high flame, when it boils set to medium flame and boil for about seven minutes.

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He acquainted me with the news.


We need your key.

Why did my sixty-year-old landlord buy a trampoline?

His speech continued for three hours.

You'd better take that.

My leg is still hurting.

The waiter brought a new plate.

Mother has made me what I am.


The box will serve as a table.


Of course, the three motorcyclists, having swapped their gasoline engines for electric motors, have to have large battery packs, which will be mounted transversely behind the riders.

Israel is smart, sexy and successful.

Why shouldn't I be happy?


Would you let me go?


He carried a cane.


Turkish distinguishes between dotted and dotless "I"s. There are capital and lowercase versions of both.


That doesn't really help us, does it?

They never married.

That's what I want most.


I eat everything.

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It was a victory for the whole country when he finished first in the race.


So great was his emotion that he could not utter a word.

I threw it away.

There used to be a bridge here.

I kid you not.

She didn't protest.

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He is accused of kidnapping.

Doug and Kyung are watching TV.

Nichael is packing his suitcase.


Shutoku came up with a couple of good ideas.

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Gabriel seemed reluctant to leave.

When Yoko and I heard the sirens stop nearby, we quickly decided to go check it out.

I've always hated her.

We were supposed to meet in front of the library.

So she isn't new.

What were you expecting?

Were you shot?


Tal was ready for bed.

Bill said he was planning to wear a black tuxedo.

You want that, don't you?


In the first place, it's too expensive, and in the second place, I don't like it.


The ASEAN nations have come a long way.

I shouldn't have borrowed Gunter's hammer.

She teaches lessons in math, physics, and biology.


But how does this story end?

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Could you make it another time?

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I'll show you the car I've just bought.


He is full of energy.

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There are times that we have to leave a job even in the middle of a recession.


Please go on with your dinner.


I gave it a shot.

The dictionary is close at hand.

There's still much to learn.

I drove all the way from Boston.

Please beat the rug, first.


Some car.

Peggy's a nice boy.

Don't be so condescending.

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I'm willing to do anything to stop him.

I want to forget her.

I'm being used.

We went to a firework festival.

It's not cool.

What was his motive for doing it?

I told him I agreed with him.


We don't do anything anymore.

You have to stay away from Ed.

He speaks English very loudly.

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Gunter has a friend who lives in Boston.

We cannot exist without water.

Come to help me.

When did you get back here?

You don't think that's going to happen, do you?

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Kelvin should be back by now.

We've only been married for three years.

Piercarlo is old enough to be Adlai's father.

I understand Merat salted away a good deal for his old age.

That's putting it mildly.

Every square is a rectangle.

It wasn't a mistake.

He's a computer nerd.

I haven't heard from Rolfe in three weeks.


It has no value.


Cary is taking his final exam.

We should have phoned ahead and reserved a table.

Fred hit his head on the roof of the car.

Have you given up smoking for good and all?

Close the curtains so the neighbors can't see in.

He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Julian was wrong?

Was that you I heard singing in the shower?

I would rather go to the art museum than to the movie theater.

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Who did Maurice Papon torture?

As soon as he heard the crash, he rushed out of the house.

What are you trying to protect me from?


I will never tell it to anybody.


Martha tried to persuade Carlos to do something she knew she shouldn't do.

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Kusum asked me to buy some rope.

Excuse me, is this seat taken?

Amanda ate too much.

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Yes, I know her. I look up to her.


The motorcycle started in pursuit at breakneck speed.