Our vision is to be part of the Client’s organisation by providing optimum specialist skills, procedures and experience to achieve common objectives and by focusing on three fundamentals: time, cost and quality.

Our team manages all aspects and every phase of a project, from initial development and planning, through to execution and turn-key delivery, and then the maintenance thereafter.

Our IT specialists take into account both the parameters of today and the needs of tomorrow. As such, our projects are engineered after a thorough analysis of infrastructure characteristics, client needs, current available budget.


We have structured our services to cover all the needs of our clients, by offering building and technical maintenance, as well as other value added services such as cleaning, help desk and security services.

Project Management

Project management is important in all areas of corporate activity and all industries, but particularly so in real estate development and property management. Both at pre- and post-construction stages, when it comes to buildings, there is an entire plethora of people, companies, tasks and objectives to be reached and successfully managed.

Dofa Grup has developed a multi-disciplinary team that possesses technical experience, outstanding management skills and organizing competence, which are imperative assets in delivering all project management activities, from legal consulting and project planning to budgeting and implementation planning.

Building construction, civil engineering, and industrial construction are some of the most challenging activities from a management viewpoint, since they involve a large number of people, of all educational backgrounds and, many times, different nationalities and cultures.


We focus on the coordination of all building activities, according to budgets, deadlines, industry quality standards and legal safety regulations.


Strict financial controlling regulations in order to guarantee that funds are used properly and no unforeseen or unjustified overspending takes place.


Thanks to our solid relationship with renowned suppliers, we can acquire high quality products and services at competitive costs.


We create functional properties that are both aesthetically powerful and eco friendly, lowering operating costs.

Building Technologies

Dofa Grup prides itself with being able to offer our clients some of the best engineering solutions available today. While our services are split into a broad range of specialties, they are best utilized in combination through our full service, integrated delivery approach – X-Tech™. A concept developed by our best engineers after years of experience with multi-tiered projects.

Unlike outdated multiple-provider methods, our team manages all aspects and every phase of a project, from initial development and planning, through to execution and turn-key delivery, and then the maintenance thereafter. This complete picture and single point of contact approach ensures better coordination and schedule management, higher quality execution and lower costs for our clients. And in order to be able to guarantee high quality equipment and the best prices, we have built strong partnerships with some of the most reliable companies in the world, such as Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider, Samsung, Philips, APC and many more.

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We are a conventional and advanced technological solutions provider for multinational enterprises, governmental institutions, technology firms and real estate and infrastructure developers.