Tharen has two sons. Both of them live in Boston.

In 1848, people came to California to dig for gold.

She respects you.

I wish I knew what I should say.

I'd like to be a millionaire.

Above all, be careful about what you eat and drink.

I answered her questions, but I did not volunteer any information.

Why wouldn't Audrey call me?

Keep in mind that smoking is not good for your health.

Do you want to play a game of chess?

Andrea doesn't know what Linder wants him to do.

Call them this evening.

I had never given it much thought.

The children played in the mud with enthusiasm.

Don't let him touch the computer.

I threw him a nice ball.

I might be drunk, but I'm not crazy.

If Sofia wants our help, he should call.

It isn't worthwhile going there.

I want to see!

My success was mainly due to your help.

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Don't let me ever hear you say that again.


It was an amazing trip.


See me in my office.

That's not a solution.

The real problem lies in his character.


The accountant will go into these figures.

I sniffed the smell.

Dan couldn't understand the magnitude of what had taken place.

My grandmother used to go out for a walk almost every day, but now she seldom, if ever, goes out.

Can you hear me?

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Thomas has one major flaw: he is selfish.


Celia is already an hour late.

Tuan has never been there.

You're better than Sidney.

I'm glad you weren't injured.

Get her something to drink.

Thankfully, there was an Armani store just outside the alley where Dima had slept.

It must be nice having someone who sticks around even when times get tough.


It's still too early to talk about this now.

Students of English often mix up the words 'lie' and 'lay'.

Can you loan me a pen?

The box was completely sealed.

She works a lot: she teaches at a school and also has a job in a bar.

It's all right there.

I made a few calls.

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The reason will never be known.


Do you really know?

Eat and drink.

True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.

I'm going to go inside now.

Don't buzz about my ears.

Can you see me from there?

We're not blaming Les.

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The secretary inserted the letter in the envelope.

Can it be replaced?

How many people still speak your language?

If you eat three meals a day, your body will find the energy it needs.

He is sure to set a new record in the triple jump.

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I've just been to my uncle's house.

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He is suffering from a mental illness that can lead to insomnia, depression, anxiety, inability to concentrate, loss of appetite, suicidal thoughts, high blood pressure, and bouts of uncontrolled aggression. This is a form of psychosis which is generally known in common parlance as "love."

Subra must be guilty.

I don't want to do what I need to do.

We're having a conference.

Edgar had a hard time finding a taxi.


I need more practice.


I'll be calling you every morning.

He apparently dates a Japanese girl called Tatoeba.

They felt disgraced by their son's wild behavior.

Cathrin didn't do anything.

Everyone who worked on that project became a millionaire.

Why do I have to do it right now?

I appreciate your coming to see me.

"I'm sorry, Tobias." "Why are you apologizing?" "I was just thinking that I might be bothering you." "No, you aren't bothering me at all."

You were with Nate tonight, weren't you?

Dan fixed a quick meal for Linda.

Seen from the sky, the island was very beautiful.

The service is excellent in this hotel.

Their wish is engraved on the base of the statue.

I know Sehyo can't wait.

I'm not sure if Shaw saw it.

Daren doesn't speak French as well as I thought he did.

Who stabbed you?


I know why Merton left early.


You believe that it is grammatically correct by what logic?


I have to get used to it.

Technological retrogression will be unlikely.

She's obviously prettier than me.

Being an only child, he was the sole inheritor.

The worst solitude is to be destitute of sincere friendship.

I don't have time to sleep.

What are my orders?


Lindsey and Leads don't know what they should do next.

His breathing became faint.

Kikki was rude and obnoxious.

Renu immediately headed for the door.

I'm sorry I kept you waiting so long.

My legs are getting better day by day.

Can I get you anything else?


I'm in bed.

The last time I saw Blair was yesterday around lunchtime.

Please quit finding fault with me!

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I'm going to miss him.

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Who should we talk to next?

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I guess I should get home to the missus.

Don't hit me, I'm a translator!

I had never been on a plane before.

Don't fail to lock the door.

Sean has come out of hiding.

I wanted Lana to be happy.

Just a moment, please.


It's a hot button topic.

He's studying now.

They're lucky to be alive.


I would definitely not recommend Liber for the job.

My friends are very loyal.

My muscles were aching and I was tired.

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Cliff and Pilar both feel the same way about that.

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This is a public beach.


No other singer in Japan is as popular as she.


I really like trains.

In the process of grammaticalization, an uninflected lexical word (or content word) is transformed into a grammar word (or function word).

A party of scientists were on board with them.

How do you know someone is a runner?

Everything he told us was pure fabrication.


Silent waters run deep.


Mother's illness kept her at home yesterday.

I don't know how long I'll have to wait before my creative ability improves.

Nobody ever came to see me in the hospital.

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It's instinct.


This area is still underdeveloped because of a lack of interest from the government.


I heard everything Saqib said.

Does Carole live next door to the bus driver who John worked with?

What do we have to do?

John isn't the kind of man who would betray you.

She knows it.

I can't approve the proposal by myself.

It's started again.

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Am I the only one who thinks this is too expensive?

Everybody knows what they're doing.

Hy's face suddenly went blank.

I'm afraid I don't know.

You're needed at once.

That old man died of cancer.

The titles might correspond.

Aren't you ever going to ease up on Hugh?

The cold north wind turned the leaves brown.

I lived in Sanda City last year.

Do you think it'll be that easy?

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Very many people know him.

He tried to knock at the door.

Shannon is a lazy kid.

Louie and Murray looked through all the items on the table.

Don't tell them you're lost.


He sits at a table, surrounded by false friends and shameless women.


Liz is doing a crossword puzzle.

We are learning Spanish.

Tobias will be gone by the end of the week.

We were told Pieter wanted to drop out of school.

Were those women in favor of votes for women?

We're junior high school students.

You don't even know what I want.