You should carry out your own plan.

How many samples, for example?


Has this thing appeared again tonight?

Shatter loves that hoodie.

Which group is your friend in?


I hope they both get what they want.

Benson has been exonerated.

No one has the right to tell you otherwise.


Gabriel is expected to come by 2:30.

I turned the lamp off and fell asleep.

How have you been?


I lost my way here last week.

A very common type of elbow pain is known as "tennis elbow" in English.

I'm seriously considering getting married.

Casper didn't stop talking.

He lost two sons in the war.

I can't believe she did that.

We met her brother at the shop by chance.

The good news is that we can get in free.

You ran into him earlier, didn't you?

I don't doubt but that he will do it.

You may swim.

My wife catches colds easily.

Nathaniel lit the fuse.


I knew you weren't really dead.

Is this a date?

Gerard clicked on the thumbnail so he could see a larger version of the same image.

Word is passing that the Prime Minister is seriously ill.

Gestures are not used by them.


Let's have sushi.

She came around to my house.

He said military force would not be needed.


The story goes that she was murdered.

I had to take a bus from Boston.

His work leaves nothing to be desired.

Van is quite safe.

Tell him we're busy.

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Tropical rainforests produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide.

Hold your horses, Tharen.

You were really helpful.

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I didn't know her at the time.

As happiness doesn't exist, we have to strive to be happy without it.

I'll give you all the time you need.

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We tried to do something about it.


Did you know that?


Dani is never going to understand this.

I can't believe you're going to ask Jeff to marry you.

It's kind of distracting.

I'm going to study.

There used to be a small castle on this hill.

I set fire to one.

If you don't stop, I'll tell Dad!

As long as you're able to in the end then it's all good.

We're not working for Jitendra.

Why isn't Spy at school?

Stay with us tonight and find a hotel tomorrow.


I will do everything I can to go.

The children got lost in the woods.

I'm unconvinced.

He is proud of his scholarship.

He was fair and delicate as a prince, and beautiful as an angel; and how she loved this child!

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What a weird guy.

Teri says that he's lonely.

Sandip pointed to a spot on the map.


We will have brought you to the hospital afterwards.


Merat found the child crying in the street.

These are my thank-you notes.

Japan has an economy that is supported by hard-working company employees in big cities.


It is difficult to satisfy everyone.

Let's just get rid of him.

Give it to someone who needs it.

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Even today, those people have difficulty showing national pride.

Be honest and straightforward.

The result was far from being satisfactory.


Clay is the best man in his field.


Marseille is a very important port of France.

They said they only wanted to be left alone.

My computer is hung up.

I was just showering.

It happened too fast.

He was re-elected six years later.

Rahul isn't that much heavier than Shel.

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How'd you like to go to Boston with us?

Margaret was right not to do that.

I'm happy for you both.


Who was Greta Garbo?

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I think it's time for me to buy a decent camera.

Will you please tell us where Christie is?

Her attraction was dubious even after the second glass of wine.

How dare he have sex with my wife?

The business contract ran out last month.


I want a bath.


I heartily support you.


I don't think there's a problem.


However, the guarantee is not effective at all outside the fixed form.

What you smell now is the scent of nightmares.

I nearly forgot it.


And that's how I met your father.

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Yes, it happens from time to time.


Speak of angels and you hear their wings.

Do you really enjoy doing that kind of thing?

Being an amateur translator, Marc often makes the mistake of writing translationese.


Chris became bored with teaching and he looked for a new job.


It's just a hunch.


I don't do that anymore.

This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me!

Timothy thinks the world would be much more convenient without marginalized people.

One went fishing, another went shopping.

You can weigh your baggage in this balance.


At these prices, you won't get many students in here.

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It could've been worse. You could've died.

My father-in-law is an engineer.

You don't date, do you?

It is good for the health to take moderate exercise.

After a brief fight, they won.

How many are there in all?

Ken studied English last night.

I have to walk slowly.

Randolph did a pretty good job.

I heard someone call my name.

All of us try to be what none of us couldn't be except when some of us were what the rest of us desired.

Didn't you have a reservation?

Jeannette armed himself with a knife.

I want us to stay in an expensive hotel.

Ned showed me the letter he got from Skef.

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She lives alone.

Let's go by car.

He didn't only teach at school, he also wrote novels.

Have you gotten yours?

She made it look easy.


I would appreciate it if you could agree to my plan.


That isn't likely to be the problem.

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Stay away from my motorcycle.

He likes to sing and dance.

I must admit that we're in a bit of an awkward spot.


I won't be here.

Venkata told me you were helpful.

I actually voted that I'm not a perfectionist, though. I have some of the signs on the list to a high degree but not entirely motivated by perfection.

My plane had already taken off.

Are these eggs sold by the dozen?

These things are mere abstractions.

This horse is not white.


In the past, it's been very difficult to get tickets.

I had a long talk with her.

What would you do if the world were to come to an end tomorrow?


A mortgage is a kind of loan that people can use to buy a house.

I don't look down upon any living being. Needless to say, I'm no God. I'm a human being myself; I may have made mistakes, I do admit.

Tyler thinks he must die.

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Are you sure nothing is gonna happen?


I think that he is honest.

Escargot doesn't sound very appetizing.

Congratulations on your diploma.

His appetite was tremendous: he soon cleared all the dishes, and ate enough to satisfy a dozen men.

A man on horseback came along the path.

Starbuck pretended not to understand what Joel was saying.

I want to know why this is happening.