Do you know the French equivalent of the word?

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He was brave.

They shake hands instead of bowing.

We're organized.

I'm sorry I had to cancel our date.

The color of lilac is named after the lilac flower.


Marcos started working for us when he was only thirteen.

I'm not a bad person.

I appreciate what you've done for me.

I believed Oliver at first.

No one can escape.

Pratapwant's computer is much newer than mine.

Freedom is useless unless you use it.

Let's drop the subject.

It is said that there is a treasure buried around here.

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Kathryn and I are just good friends.

Stephe has been coming here three or four times a week.

You owe him a big apology.

I'm just finishing up some homework.

I've got to call Morton.

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I graduated from high school last year.

I cannot keep up the pace.

All of a sudden, the front door bell rang and the dark shadow of a lone man slipped in quietly.

When the shooting began, I just prayed.

She was only 18 when she graduated from university.

I'll definitely keep my windows and doors locked.

I'm coming to your party and bringing you an unusual present.


He went to Austria to study music.

Saul unbuttoned the top button of his shirt.

We need donations.

Have you told anyone about the surprise party?

I knew your father very well.

I'll tell them you dropped by.

He's not a team player.

Your mother wants you to come home.

Y ain't ya axed 'bout dat?


We can't be certain of that.

Is that why you called?

Let's pretend we are aliens.

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I use the subject line to determine the contents so please fill it in.

I really don't want to talk about it.

You want to remain anonymous.

We'll see how it goes.

My best regards.

I got stuck in this street after getting drunk.

She was humiliated by him.

Did you understand what Marguerite said?

I've lost my umbrella.

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The sun is sinking below the horizon.

I'm eating my sandwich.

Lighten up.

I really like him, but not his circle of friends.

Don't tell me how lucky I am.

Ruth refused to give Petr any information.

I don't practice the piano as often as I should.

Takeuchi really is a very cute girl.

Michael was very frugal with his money.

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Austria isn't Australia.

Don't get all bent out of shape over little things. A short temper can make you poor.

The sun's glare is strong today.

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We couldn't carry out our project because of a lack of funds.

Even the bad weather failed to ruin my mood.

There were framed pictures of a child and a wedding on top of the desk.

I am also proud to carry with me the goodwill of the American people, and a greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country: assalaamu alaykum.

Before it gets out in the media, I'd like to announce to all my fans that I'm pregnant.


None of it was real.

Why are you doing this to yourself?

Marion would never have let that happen.


The future was better before.


She described the scene in detail.

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The sisters are quite unlike.


Jeanette and I were married to each other for three years.

I don't have a cent.

Kitty sent a message to Roger.

You're making a big mistake.

You're comparing apples with oranges.

Jamie glanced out the window again.

What did you buy from her?

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I'll come by subway.

She drank a cup of milk.

It's probably safer in the basement.


Nicolo said you were hungry.

Kidnappers usually want lots of money before they release a person.

Would you lend me your pen?

He'll be married next Sunday.

Don't say that name around me.

Lui gave a lot of his old clothes to a homeless man that he met recently.

Louise has even more books than I do.

I need my glasses.

He didn't name names.

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Do you want to know if your marriage will be successful?

"This conversation has never occurred." "What conversation?"

My grandmother is able to fly.

That's quite new.

This isn't fun at all.


I want to make a private visit.

I'm just trying to get out of here.

I'll stay here until tomorrow.

I don't think it's very healhty to cut out whole groups of foods like fats.

Her husband has a terrible cough.

Adrian still has my bicycle.

When a child, I would play with the toys.

Saad came to my rescue.

Do you have any French magazines?


I don't want to drink that.


I can't understand what she says.

You should work hard while you are young.

Rand may not be happy.

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Did you shoot him?

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Why were you late?


He made a tour of Europe.


Lewis told me that we were out of time.

Pat is extremely successful.

I stay home alone while my parents are at work.

Please don't leave without me.

They were married.

Adrian learned French in school.

I was married here.

Flowers and trees need clean air and fresh water.

I can't tell you about it yet.

I think she's out looking for a job.

I want you to know that I really didn't want to do that.

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Out of sight, out of mind.


Prisons aren't enough.

This is where I was born and brought up.

An alternative is possible.

I have no kids.

I feel safer here.

It looks like Anne is mad.

Orville wished that he could play the guitar.

I used to play tennis when I was a young student.

As a singer, she's well known.

You can sleep here if you want. I don't mind.

Please let us help you.

Physically, a man is a man for a much longer time than a woman is a woman.

Moncalvo is the smallest town in Italia.

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When angry, count to ten.

She refused to accept his proposal.

I suggest you wait until Marco gets here.

The cat was not buried alive. He survived.

I just wanted to be sure.

Should I perform the Heimlich Maneuver?

Smoking compromises your health.

The attempt ended in failure.

There would not be such a difficult thing.

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I studied English for two hours after dinner.

You've never seen a genuine diamond.

Start at the beginning and tell me everything that happened.


The grand jury decided not to indict the police officer.

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Friends should be helped.


Mrs Tanaka's characteristic curly hair was sticking up behind her ear.

I want Sigurd to say that he was wrong.

Jerrie looked very embarrassed.

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This task is too much for him.

Take Miek.

It took a lot of energy to move the furniture.

I wouldn't want anybody to see us.

I'd like to have a word with you about what happened yesterday.

He was still as still in the presence of danger.

Nobody is here.


He is doing physics.

Mosur seems ambitious.

Boys and girls were parading along the street.

This one's yours.

She has an acid tongue.