Tell them for me, OK?

Young children shouldn't watch so much television.

He followed hard after me.

It's not a question of increasing taxes, but of finding other solutions.

Let's go on a date tonight.

So much noise rattles me.

Leonard was a little intimidated by Brenda.

She lived up to our expectations.

Does Rusty have to be here?


Not all geniuses are engineers, but all engineers are geniuses. The set of all engineers is thus an, unfortunately proper, subset of all geniuses.

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There's one black cat sleeping on the yellow chair.

With you I will suffer whatever we must.

Rhinoceros is not a dinosaur.

I want a clear answer.

That made all the difference.

This book aims to provide an explanation of modern Japanese grammar that is as systematic and as easily understood as possible.

The driver was thrown from his seat head over heels.

Woody is a very kind person.

What on earth is the matter?


Why is the dog here?

I've dated a lunatic.

Aebat, without saying goodbye, stepped into the gates.


Straka is interviewing Mikael.

Giovanni can do it better than me.

The heart and mystery of his philosophy was, to look upon the world as a gigantic practical joke.

The box is empty.

Amigo has a collection of Matryoshka dolls.

I could have been a star.

Roxane said that you'd be too busy to help us.

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Otherwise, it is considered impolite to pass food with the left hand, because the left hand is used for bathing.

The turbulent sands above our heads, the flinging of our swords... they're naught but falling stars in the night sky.

Do you know the conversion rate between dollars and euros?

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The ice will crack under your weight.

Jinchao looked just like his picture.

The sentence is not entirely wrong, but not entirely right either.


Can you guess my age?

She seems to be unhappy.

We can't live without water for even one day.

Do you know when they will be back?

Both policemen were killed.

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Leigh and I are married to each other.

I found his house easily.

We're running out of supplies.

I just thought that you might want to talk to Jarmo.

"Literally" can literally mean "metaphorically". "Literal" meaning "metaphorical" is also a literal irony.

How did you get your nickname?

What are you going to do for your 26 years?

I wish everyone luck in the coming year, as well as success in their work and studies.

It'll have to do.

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He lost his friends' phone numbers.

My dad took my toy out of my hands.

Is it rainy?

It's Courtney who's the traitor.

That's something you should understand.

You'll have to talk to me.

I think it must've been Olson who wrote this letter.

She must be visiting England this summer.

We can't make people donate to charity.

I don't know when she will arrive.

Lock it.


People who don't know the sadness of love aren't able to talk about the experience of love.

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This looks longer than that, but it is an optical illusion.

We were all watching her.

He is apt to forget his promise.


I don't like spring.

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Ask, and it shall be given you.

Your accent is very interesting.

Some say the new film is not a visual tour de force like others in its genre, but it is worth seeing for other reasons.

And you, Doctor Watson and Mr. Holmes, interest me.

Kathy helped Maarten.


Cameroon is called "Cameroon" in English.


Where did you ever find Marvin?

Metin said I was fat.

Chip looks well.

She managed to back their boat into the garage.

I intended to abandon everything to focus wholly on MARDEK, but I was finding it hard to stay interested and motivated.

It's not effective.

Anatole's car was riddled with bullet holes.


The box was too big and awkward, so I put these in a bag and brought them.


No one sees my tears.

Do you know how to swim?

I must admit I wasn't expecting this.

It's Van's.

Nobody comforted us when we were mourning.

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Greg seemed okay when I saw him.

Some kind of party upstairs kept me up till one last night.

He easily gets angry.

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They also raised animals for meat and milk.

Stop. It's not funny anymore.

Acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine that's popular in East Asia.


The more time the student has to prepare something, the less he will use to actually prepare it.

Nobody speaks well of that politician.

He said it was hopeless to continue the struggle.

I just thought that you wouldn't want to go.

If you want to buy a leash, go to a pet shop.

I don't think I should decide until later.

I believe you have appendicitis.

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No one can live to be two hundred years old.

Clark can see the many weeds that had grown up around the house.

I'm not good at thinking logically.

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He has access to the American Embassy.


Don't worry, I didn't buy them.

He is apt to forget his promise.

Your plan is a good one, but mine is a better one.

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Torsten forgot to buy a birthday present for Louis.


None of them was there.

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We took turns with the driving.


I love you!

Mike was a bad guy.

I want to see him very much.

I have no idea how it works.

That's on a need-to-know basis.

A module is said to be semisimple if it is the sum of simple submodules.

In December of 1932, Einstein left for the United States. A month after his departure the Nazis assumed control of Germany. He never returned to Germany.

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He tried with all his might to lift the box.


Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

Kaj is thinking.

Samir got up and went to the door.

You're not staying here, are you?

I need men like you.


You don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.


We're waiting for him.

Let me have a word with you.

I have to go see Liyuan.

I think Raja is pulling your leg.

I like your job.

I didn't sign up for this.

You think I'm lying, don't you?

Russia is called "Rossiya" in Russian.

Josip had an early breakfast.

I don't think there's anything we can do.

We appear to be out of danger.


She pressed her lips firmly together.

Do you want to tell me what this is?

That's too long.

He believes that I can do things that I've never even thought of doing.

Give me an accurate report of what happened.


Harmon is mad at Lars for calling him stupid.


Hal was reading the newspaper when Hughes walked in.


We're not going ashore.

That's all right.

Aren't you glad you didn't have to go to Boston?


The doors opens to the bathroom.

Tiefenthal sent his daughter to bed without dinner.

Why don't you just give up?

I will head to the pond as soon as the sun rises.

Ramadoss stood and put on his coat.

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Caleb kept his mouth shut and didn't tell anyone what had happened.

Please call a taxi for this lady.

Nobody knows how the accident occurred.


If it were up to us, we'd say no.


He didn't show up at the breakfast.

Ariel shot himself while he was cleaning a gun that he thought was unloaded.

Is Dick out?


Nothing has resulted from his efforts.

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I'm off to bed.


Let me know the time you are leaving.