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It was time to leave.

I'm with Jenine.

Don't scream when I stand next to you.

You're way too late.

This car can carry a load of 4 tons.

She knows French inside out.

I like to answer these kind of questions.


I feel a lot better now, but I know Dad's going to be real upset.

His public support for the British government was unpopular.

I'll mow the lawn tomorrow, unless it rains.


What do I do all day?

Do you love each other to that extent?

You should get to bed early tonight.


Boys are stupid.

My mother was very pretty when she was young.

The benefits outweigh the costs.

Boston is just one of the cities I visited last year.

You have not seen her.


What alleviates the pain?

You must really be proud of yourself.

Bring me a sheet of paper, please.

I made some modifications.

I'm a black belt in karate.

He considered himself lucky.

I didn't have to wait long.

What happened in Boston?

It'll probably take you about 10 minutes to solve this problem.


Johnathan was gentle.

Drivers should wear seat belts.

This horse is white.

Show me your passport.

I want to sit in the middle.

I sent Cristopher back home.

I don't think Lloyd is ever going to get married.

I have to take this call.

My friend told me that this coming Monday an exhibition about Spanish history is opening.

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Did you have something you wanted to say?


I'm ashamed of my body.

When will Mr. Suzuki be leaving Japan?

The vase was smashed.


I didn't get any of that.

It made me feel sad and happy at the same time.

Would you like one of these?

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Gunter can do whatever he likes as far as I'm concerned.

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She made pancakes.

She wished it would stop raining by noon.

Owen is on pain killers.

If you are hungry, why don't you eat?

Root wanted Jerald to stay longer.

Can Tatoeba help you to learn foreign languages?

There are rumors that their marriage is in trouble.

We had a rest in the shade.

Their traditional life style no longer exists.


Charlene stopped screaming.


Ravi likes helping others.

We can't accept all of these.

He is just my age.

This is a picture of us.

I don't like sitting in the front row.

I cleared the table.

Please, do come in. The door is open.

Ole is imitating the teacher.

I thought you might be curious.


I told Howard to go.

Elric says he's a friend of yours.

I still don't write Chinese well.

Kent resembles his father.

School breaks up in June.

Do you wish to speak to me?

The population of your city is about five times as large as that of my town.


The lights turned off.

I can't eat.

Even though the United States is a developed country, it still has some very poor people.


Thank you for cutting the dead tree in my garden.


I can come back later.

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I'll tell you how to do it.

One of the perks of my promotion is a chic, corner office with a great view of the skyline.

It grew cold as the sun went down.


I've never dyed my hair before.

I just organized my closet.

I didn't want to talk to the police.


I gave up my seat to an old lady.

Stu has asked Cindy to meet him at his office tomorrow.

My mother is good at cooking.

I can't believe Marshall told you.

I think you're ready.


She acquainted us with the new regulation.

The defense of the master thesis is just happening next month.

Anything new today?

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Please forget it.

Shouldn't you be helping Janos?

Merril'll reconsider.


We know what the problem is.

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Dan found the password to Linda's computer.

The children understand everything.

We believe in that man.

They refused to fight.

I want the time and the health to finish my Icelandic textbook.

We went down by elevator.

I like that description.

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The person who can help you is Srivatsan.

There's a mini mall on Park Street.

I always leave my bicycle filthy.

This tool, if used carelessly, can be very dangerous.

I have no statistics.


I've tried that already.

I use the knife you gave me quite often.

Richard couldn't get along with his neighbors.

Dori tricked Pierce into doing his work for him.

Leora wants to see you in his office right away.


The girl standing there is Ricardo.

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My feet are always cold.

Feed that some rice.

You are impolite.


We've done fine without you.

Alcohol doesn't solve any problems.

Are you going to tell me what it is?


Detective Dan Anderson checked Linda for weapons.


That he is a genius is clear to everyone.

He grew his beard and hair in order to look old.

He guessed the amount of money I had in my pocket.

They will organize a labor union.

I have to buy this medicine.

I would like to buy a new coat at that department store.

What's your favorite thing about your school?

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Use it as a body cream when you get out of the shower.


I used to think it didn't matter.

She lives on milk and vegetables.

Do you have a dictionary with you?

The stevia was cultivated and used as a sweetener by the Guarani people for at least 1,500 years.

I don't think it gives off the right signals.

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I teach French at the high school up the street.

He had everything he needed.

I'm going to the movies.

They were clearing the snow from the sidewalk with a shovel.

What doesn't make sense?

You will be up against many difficulties.

I want to study Japan's history at university.

It looks harmless enough.

Mark didn't notice that the front door was open.

I do not know what I will do.

I'm not going to read it.

At which university are you studying?

I've admired Hitoshi for a while.


Our principal is accessible to students.

Oskar took her phone out of her purse and took a picture.

I have always been very passionate about poetry.

You just made me smile.

When it comes to cooking, no one can equal Patrick.

Leigh is always grumpy in the morning.

He looked really cute.

Let's look it up in the dictionary.

Galoshes are impervious to water.

There is a fine line between speech that is terse and to the point and speech that is too abrupt.

We're filling in for them again.

Mahesh recovered some property from his ex-wife.

She ignored her for the entire day.

The point is whether I accept or refuse.

I'm wishing for that.

Do you know how that could've happened?

They heard a noise.

I found the bed very comfortable.

How much longer are you planning on staying in Boston?

Lucius couldn't be contacted yesterday.

Ranjit doesn't want it.