I'm short of money.

I did it in a couple of days.

Woody has a daughter who's very beautiful.

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In a word, she isn't any use.

Come here boy.

Sal did the best he could.

Norbert received a commendation for bravery for rescuing a woman from a burning house.

I sat down on the couch.

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We have to stop her.


This is no way to treat a lady.

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I want to discuss this with Margaret.

I can't manage without his support.

Where can I park my car?

Finish cutting the paper.

That's why I don't approve of your plan.

Do you want to go sky diving?

I'm afraid of Putin.

There are only 10 minutes left until the end of the lesson.

He acted as if she had ordered him to do the threshing.

They got into the train.

It's a tourist trap.

How to track the least visited pages and what to do with them?

We could say that both of those balls are the same weight.

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"I smell a rat", I said to him.


Are you all lost?

The story reminds me of an experience I had long ago.

Starbuck was caught masturbating by his mother.

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Patrice has other plans.

You must leave here before everything.

Call me if anything happens.

You have mail.

An extension is currently under construction.

A thousand deaths will still be less than he deserves.

A great ship needs deep waters.

Don't trust strangers.

I need her now.

We have to put off making a final decision until next week.

Do you know what the risks are?


He always forgets his money.


She has a piano lesson once a week.

He can't abstain from wine even for one day.

Let's try it this way.

I would like to inquire about your services and prices.

We've been hit.

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When did you find out about it?

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He asked a favor of me.

His wife locked him out the house.

I tried again and again.


My dog cowers under the table whenever he hears thunder.

Taro concentrated on memorizing English words.

Could you show Leads around?

Valerie refused to join the army.

My father isn't at home.

Shuvra tried to disguise his handwriting.

I no longer love Tommy.

I didn't tell you to turn around.

Tao is a leader.

Harv isn't doing this to me again.

Yeah, it's no big deal.


The crowd obstructed the police in the discharge of their duties.

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There isn't anyone who knows everything from the outset.

A pillow at six o'clock in the morning has got the biggest gravity in the world.

It's excruciatingly slow.


She was heard playing the violin.

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Ritchey doesn't know what he's supposed to do.

Indra was off duty this afternoon.

Donnie seems trustworthy.

The Bounty sank near Cape Hatteras.

The murderer was executed this morning.

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He stuck with his own theory.

The room was pervaded with the scent of perfume.

Alejandro's working on a autobiography of his life and times.

He was awarded a scholarship to do research for the foundation.

I don't have enough time.

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When I awoke, he had already been there.

Don't look at him!

Stephe forgot to do his homework.

It was raining good and hard.

I have an internet business.

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A banana is yellow.


Jesper is a pianist.


I didn't see anyone at the party that I knew.

I was in bed by nine.

Our house's roof is on fire!


I'm little worried about you.

What was Mario singing?

The car is white.

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How many times have you been married?

Smoking is a repulsive habit.

I look forward to your comments on the report.

He's really interested in biology.

There's a possibility that Paula will be late.


Ants and bees are examples of industry and harmony.

Who will sing tonight?

I thought it was a mistake to tell Kent where we buried the treasure.


Did they expect it to rain frogs?

Hazel isn't infallible.

Their voices match perfectly.


He hunted gulls.

We have to get you out of here.

I'm sure Marilyn won't help us.

Is it true that Maarten killed himself?

People who ignore history tend to repeat it.

If you get hungry, there's food in the fridge.

Who want to go for shopping

I had to work hard to keep up with the other students.

Get up already, you lazybones!


He gave up trying, when he might have succeeded.


Can we get you anything?

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Why don't we fire everyone and hire a group of new people?

I want to see you in an hour.

I told Caleb I couldn't do it without his help.

I get the picture.

Yes. You're absolutely right.

Emmett is addicted to money.

The time will come when your dream will come true.

I'll deal with this problem as soon as I can.

Vick has too much work to do.

Why don't we fire everyone and hire a group of new people?

She doesn't want anyone else to know.


I'm not going to work today.

Dominic came to class in his pajamas.

I asked her to close the door.

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That pesky imp must be punished.

Jon took the day off.

Kusum never saw it.

To be fair, he is a sensible person.

Old was impulsive.

I'm not denying it happened, but one example can't be called proof.

After only 36 months, Koko could use 184 signs.

You know where to find me if you want to talk.

My driver's license will expire next week.

Who built this place?

The villagers thought him very generous.

There isn't much milk left in the bottle.

It won't work out.


The police arrested two men and two women.


In France, a great amount of wine is consumed.


You don't have brown eyes.

I think we can catch Anderson.

The animal in the top left-hand corner is meant to be a dragon.


Ravi has everything he needs to do the job.

Doyle began to read.

Please wait your turn.

I copied a passage from the book into my notebook.

I'll be ready next time.

My money is my money.

It just doesn't work, I'm sorry.

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What's your favorite soccer team?

They made us work all day long.

Step aside, please.

She's young, maybe too young.

Queen Victoria was married in 1840.

I doubt everything, even my own doubts.

It will fatten you right up.

Even if all it manages is to get part way, it will "tap you on the shoulder" and alert you to its conclusions.

You can cut wood with a hand saw, or with a jigsaw.


Erik has a lot of good qualities.


He should have arrived by this time.

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"I consider this fair, since effort will get one farther in life than ease of understanding anyway." "Says the man that seems to have skated by through a majority of life on ease of understanding...?"