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The Samoyed breed of canine are originally from the snowy tundra of Western Siberia. Sometimes called "Siberian Snowdogs", they consist of a thick dual-coat suitable for cold weather. They are mid-sized, spanning between 53 - 57 centimeters or 19 - 24 inches in height and typically weigh anywhere between 37-67 pounds for a full grown adult. The topcoat is long or straight that appear white with a silvery lining, and the undercoat is dense, soft and warm. Some Samoyeds may have a biscuit color inside and around the ears.

Care Instructions

Brushing and bathing once a month is good enough for most Samoyeds and can even be done less than that. You do not want to harm the undercoat with too much brushing. They generally like cold weather so being outdoors in the winter is good, but not so good in the summer when it is hot.


A Samoyed can have a complex personality. They are friendly, intelligent, and somewhat obedient, but also can be obstinate and stubborn. They can be dominant and watchful, yet sensitive and gentle-natured. They love to bark and make excellent watchdogs. Samoyeds have a mild temperament and are gentle with children but may try to dominate other dogs. They are hunters and will chase other animals they don't know. They have to be introduced to your other pets when they are very young. They require lots of attention and makes an excellent house pet.


Training may be challenging and has to start when they are very young. Samoyeds can get bored and refuse to do anything if you have them repeat the same thing too often. Punishing them physically or verbally will not teach them anything and will cause them to go their own way. You must be assertive and take charge of the dog while making a friend.

What you really need to know

Overall, this dog needs plenty of exercise. Three short walks a day is not enough for this dog breed. Take it for very long walks, or have it run alongside you as you ride a bicycle or go jogging. This dog can get bored quickly requires plenty of things to do. They like to wander, so a good fence around the yard is required.