It seems appropriate to apply these rules to the voiceless consonants.

I want to go to the movies.

I am eating noodles.

It doesn't matter where you go, we still won't be able to find you.


That offer sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

Put out the candles before you go to bed.

We've been patient.

All agencies should adopt a presumption in favor of disclosure, in order to renew their commitment to the principles embodied in FOIA, and to usher in a new era of open Government.

I had a sharp pain in my chest yesterday.


Elvis wishes to speak with me.

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I am afraid she is ill.


I'm happy doing what I do.


That will change nothing.

Irwin didn't buy a ticket.

It's Tahsin's birthday next week.


The teacher, without hearing the bell, didn't stop talking.


I'm taking him home with me.

Louiqa would rather take a bath than a shower.

Have you talked to her recently?

Let me have your attention.

That robot came in handy for many things.


How did Rupert know what Luis was going to say?

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I think I can facilitate that.


Nathan and I were meant for each other.

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We have enough money.


Conditioning is fine for animals, but people need more advanced lessons.


Do you have hair clippers?

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He's a Pisces.

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Holly sometimes goes to Boston.


Is that Carlo's car?

"What did you do?" "I didn't do anything."

Only death cures all pain.

I know Wendell will forgive me.

She left the baby crying.


They walked home.


People often take me for my brother.

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How much do you leave for a tip to a taxi driver in New York?


How absurd!

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She is out of her mind.

Every scientific article needs to pass peer review before it is published in a scientific journal.

All the expenses will fall on the sponsor.

You should have a doctor examine your condition.

She thought it wise to call the police.

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I haven't even begun.

Who's your favorite cartoon character?

Mother placed a large vase on the shelf.


What kind of help can we expect from Roxanne?


I am short of pocket money.


Could you come with me, please?


I'll see you Monday.

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The shoes are made of leather.


We need to meet with her.

He is not going to get ahead.

You've been an inspiration to us all.

I prefer speaking French with a native speaker.

Do you know how to play mahjong?


I can hardly believe his story.

All the streets in this area are named after famous people.

I'll have her go right away.

I'm trying to find a lawyer to handle my case.

I doubt if Stefan would do that.


I am ironing my dress.

He was never to come here.

It's hard to achieve happiness.

On Sundays, the museum is not open.

Todd picked up Sekar's jewelry box and opened it.


Please don't ask Sylvan.

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Be my guests!

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I am less afraid of heights than I was.

The aircraft disintegrated during the fall.

The teacher allowed me to leave school early.


What should I tell him?

Hank came up with a plan.

Dicaeopolis slowly walks out of his house.

Jef eats hotdogs whenever he can.

They arrived in New Delhi on July 9th.

There were a few moments of confusion.

They would never believe us.

He is neglecting his research these days.

He loves chili.

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Nobody wants to insult my country.

It was really noisy in the room so Cecilia covered his ears.

Eric was the only one studying when I entered the classroom.

I saw it first.

You ought not to have spent so much money on your hobby.

I still have the sweater you gave me when I was thirteen.

The school didn't take place today.

We need significant improvement.

In China, there are 56 minorities.

What language do you speak there?

Doyle didn't know what Darren was doing.

I saw her taking a walk in the park at midnight.

What would your mother say?

Many Americans eat hamburgers.

The building whose roof you can see over there is our church.

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Here are the decisions we've come to.

She put her head against his chest.

I only wish I had stopped him.

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One of Einstein's ideas is that objects cause the space around them to curve. He thought that large objects, like the Sun, curve the space around them more than small objects do. Objects moving through space follow the curvature.

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Rik met Herb for breakfast.

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I like your room.

She acted like she didn't know anything.

Pilar has been a friend of mine for years.


The dog went under the table.

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I finally beat him.

He asked a number of friends for advice.

It was Molly who told me where you were.


Roland wasn't married to Gary at that time.


The enemy of true freedom is an excessive call for security.

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If you have a question, please raise your hand.

Mott gladly accepted.

We have had a long spell of cold weather.

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We're happy together.

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Anne is stunningly beautiful.

Radek will be arriving by train tomorrow evening.

He turned down their invitation.

Is everybody ready?

The one who did that wasn't Travis.

The factory always made good quality shoes.

I talk to them more than you do.


Everything has its good side and bad side. Unfortunately, we usually see only one of them.

Allow us to describe our products and our business operations.

I'm surprised this didn't come up sooner.


I like teaching kids.

A tear rolled down her cheek.

The nurse moved the patient to the top floor of the hospital.

Laurie opened up the crate with a crowbar and took out a stick of dynamite.

I didn't find a thing.


My brother has never lost at tennis.

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What I need worst is a haircut.

If you don't have a safety pin, a straight pin will have to do.

Diana said he'd never been to Boston.

He gave her a brief hug.

Is Norm happy?


She never married.


Granville came back into the office.

Today, I have other plans.

For the boy to swim across the river was impossible.

It's all in the file.

Love, before everything, is about surrendering oneself.

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Teresa is a Portuguese name.

Noted literary personalities gathered together last evening.

Karaoke, TV games, videos and a fridge ... love hotels nowadays really have everything.


Give me your phone number, just in case.


Very few children draw as well as Socorrito can.