I love to have new experiences and have new challenges, I love what ever makes me think. I am a person who is always willing to learn new things, also an open minded person specially on criticism (as long as its constructive criticism).

I have been working with web development for the past 2 years with my own projects either my own ideas or from courses. I believe I am really good with backend (PHP, MYSQL). I always devide my code to reusable blocks that are easy to debug and maintain most importantly readibility.

Backend development

I have 1 years of experience and continue to develop my skills and I always learn security fixes to ensure all my projects are secure. And newly I have been learning the Laravel framework to make my projects even better.

Database Design

I am really good with database design and planning. I always analize all aspects of a project before planning the database to ensure it always has what it needs.


While this is not my strongest field as I focus on the backend, but I have developed my skills for html and css and javascript to copy and make website designs from easy to intermadiate psd designs and also I know very well how to connect my backend to the frontend.

My skills

PHP - really good

Work a lot with PHP (currently with PHP-7.2), especially making use of its OOP by making classes to every component of the website. I built everything from scratch to enhance my skills, but now I am learning Laravel to be able to build better bigger projects faster and to use its libraries. Also learning and looking up conventions and security methods and holes that I need to learn and fix.

MariaDB - really good

Greate at planning mysql databases and build and use complex quiries, to not need to send multiple reqeausts to get some information. Use the mysql relations to put conditions on input and changes when editing entries, also make use of the trigger function to also send some of the work load to the database instead of having it all only to the backend.

html & css - good

Good enough to build necessary components and and basic designs, to also connect backendend to frontend and make them work togather. Also good at replicating web templates that are not too complex specially using the CSS-GRID. For example this page is designed of a ready psd template, with pure html and css with no frameworks.

javascript & jquery - good

Good enough to make input filters and munipulate the page to my needs, also working with ajax and some other libraries like (785) 363-4552, 2148185359 and ckeditor. When found upon a new problem I always try and search how can it be solved.


work experience

Web backend developer Internship

Superiors ICT / November 2016 - Februery 2017

Assigned to building web APIs to communicate with android applications

Built and edited two databases needed for projects with mysql

Assigned to build backend of a website

My education

BSC Computer Science

807-373-8746 / September 2014 - June 2019 (expected)


Online Laravel course

Udemy.com / July 2018 - present

Presently learning the laravel framework for PHP from udemy

Making a full working project

PHP Pearson Cirtification

Pioneers Academy / December 2015 - Februery 2016

PHP (web development) certified by Pearson through Pioneers Academy

PHP Security concepts

(409) 777-6161 / December 2015 - Februery 2016

Completed intensive 20 hours of PHP training on security concepts

PHP Development

Pioneers Academy / December 2015 - Februery 2016

Completed intensive 80 hours of PHP training


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