I was awake.

She isn't new.

Jack went on a picnic with Dorothy's family.

In practice, ability counts for more than effort.

Arne forced Clay to do it.


He broke the machine by using it incorrectly.

Nothing is as it seems.

What time do you leave?

There's no fire.

He was given a tip three weeks ago that two companies would merge.

Happy birthday, Clifford!

The snow began to fall so heavily that the little boy could not see a hand's breadth before him.


Are you confused yet?

This sweater seems like something Betty would love. It's just so "her"!

It hurts to have to say this, but it's the truth.

Jianyun and his brother have very little in common.

Wolfgang wasn't sure if he could do it or not.

I spent the afternoon painting a picture.

Leslie raked up the leaves in the garden.

I have lived here for three hundred years, and all that time I have not seen a single human being but yourself.

I wonder if you'd talk to us for a moment.

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Mr Nakajima can, as well as English, speak fluent German.

We didn't mean to disparage our contenders.

It depends on the size of the chair.


The chief massed his warriors to attack the fort.

This job is my bread and butter.

Earl forgot to take his umbrella with him.


Ahmet doesn't sound scared.


Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto launched the battle.

She is not there yet.

I came to this restaurant for the fish.

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It is necessary that the halls be well cleaned.


They got off at the next bus stop.

That chef prepares different meals every day.

Will it start snowing at noon or later?

Thanks, Jane. You're the sweetest person in the world.

Valentin gave Maria a diamond ring.

Maybe I just need some time alone.

He decided to become her husband.

They said it was a clear violation of international law.

Is he done using the telephone?


There'll be quite a lot of scenes like this in the next few programs.

Look, if you still want to go, I won't stop you.

The wound stopped hurting after he put a band-aid on it.


They could not cope with those difficulties.

I was just teasing you.

A former wife is an ex-wife.

At some point you will realize: Esperanto is unbeatable.

I don't hear that often enough.

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I can't find my shoes.

The huge explosion killed six people.

I want to go overseas.


My mother looked at me with tears in her eyes.

There's nothing happening.

Do you have any idea where Rajeev put the keys?

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I overcooked the pasta.


My town has a population of about 30,000 people.

You cannot rely upon Jim's words since he tries to please everybody.

Just let us go.


I've never gone swimming with Shean.

Don't make light of me.

Stanislaw can't play tennis here.


One day, we'll all have to die.


Laurie is a very neat person, isn't he?

This man was charged with theft.

The liquor gave off a sickly odor.


I'm doing a lot of reading.

We'll meet in the theater.

I live in a flat above a shop.

That's a misunderstanding, for sure. You're giving me too much credit.

In a past-oriented society, people dwell on the past and on tradition.

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She speaks quickly.

If there is no rain no water which may make a civilized society into an uncivilized

Jim resembles his father.


I wish I had bought a concert ticket.

The professor ordered some new books from New York.

Lynn drove the car.

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Clara said that neither one of his parents had ever been to Boston.


We've made a very interesting discovery.

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Dan didn't even notice that Linda was gone.

My watch loses three minutes a day.

Leave him alone for a minute.

Hein doesn't know what this is.

I met her during my stint there.

Emily is very interested in tea ceremony and flower arrangement.

Let's play football today.

She studies as hard as any student in her class.

Harvard University was founded in 1636.


You should resign.

When will you return the money to me?

In this case, translation is, in effect, impossible.

We should never give up.

I met your father yesterday.


There's something under my bed.


Don't they have anyone to look after them?


He kept us waiting for more than an hour.


He can't stand it anymore.


These are the last tears.

What were you hoping to see?

I don't think that that's fair.

This pizza has a thin crust.

He had wished her happy holidays.

All students of English should have a good English-English dictionary at hand.

That is complicating the matter.

I will most likely choose him as our president.

Stop doing that! We've told you a hundred times that it'll accomplish nothing! It's like talking to a wall!

How many wheels does this truck have?

I understand Japanese a little.

I hit on an idea.

I would take this dress before that one.

Envious people die, but envy never does.

That topic comes up often.


Where do you want to eat?

Do you know a good specialty store dealing in herbs?

Everybody loved him.

They cheered as his train passed.

I certainly intend to attend the meeting.

He likes his life.

The boy screamed for help.


He emphasized the importance of working hard.

Obviously, he is lying.

She had a real talent for smoothing over troubled situations.

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You have been such a disappointment to your mother.

Jane ended up not buying it.

Manjeri had a decision to make.

After he stated his belief that prostitution was the oldest profession in the world, he refused to change his mind.

War's not pretty.


I fumbled in my pockets.


You are not dumb.

Tell my father that I've arrived.

Jiri did warn us.

Just see for yourself.

When are you going to approach him about your pay rise?

Glynn is a teen idol.

His knowledge of Chinese enables us to carry out our plan smoothly.

His skin has the tone of a young man's.

And then, the boy did that.


The milk will keep for two days.

I can't believe Suresh said yes.

We'll meet up with him later.

A snack will stay your hunger.

I discouraged him from going swimming because it looked like it was going to rain.

But that's incredible!

The temperature is below zero today, too.

I know every inch of New York.

Bernie told me this was just temporary.

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Ordering from catalogs saves you time and money without requiring you to leave the house.

They walked up the stairs.

I like your city.

Do you know the lyrics to this song?

He doesn't come any more, the one smoking said.

We have no choice but to kill.

Roderick won't go.

I'm a teacher, too.

You've upset Clara.

A flag is a symbol of the people.

Dan wanted to go with Linda.

When do you go on holiday?

I told him not to come here.

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Helge hanged himself in jail.

What's it going to take to persuade you?

Archie got Tait to clean the office.