Invitation to comment without resorting to insults.

I'd like you to handle this matter.


Tyler is a beneficiary of xenoglossia, which has allowed him to know 31 languages without learning.

I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.

Lukas is eating a pear.


What do you do when you're in Boston?


I've already spoken to Dennis about it.

I want to speak to them alone.

I'm a photographer.


Are you two related?

Which do you prefer: this one or that one?

When a native speaker tries to help me sound more like a native speaker, I'm thankful.

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Remember to mail the letter on your way to school.


I'll always love you. No matter what.

Passions weaken, but habits strengthen, with age.

She is five years old.


I can't stop thinking about what they did to me.

She makes nothing of getting up early.

I'm very uncomfortable with this.


Timothy smiled innocently.


Why people fall into these categories, however, is a mystery.

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This is something that Michel needs to do.


Please haul on the rope.

You should make sure that you tie a bowline.

Radek won't be happy to see you.

I can't find the right words.

Why didn't you look at the picture?

Building materials are expensive now.

There are still some unanswered questions.


That man sold his soul to the devil.

I have no children.

Whose turn is it?

Rodger came home crying after school.

We commended him for his good work.

Can I take my jacket off?

Nobody knows anything.

Billy says he's read this book three times.

I don't believe that she can speak Hebrew.

These rich kids are lazy.

When he heard it, he saw red.

I want to open an account.

I'm out of place here.

Patrice is obviously upset.

The big promotion of that company's stock was just a cover-up to hide their impending bankruptcy.

Elizabeth is the Queen of England.

Adlai said he wouldn't shoot an unarmed man.

You're too drunk.

The stars look very beautiful tonight.

One of her cars is blue and the others are red.

I have to repeat it.

I spilled water on my keyboard. I must buy a new one.

You have already eaten the cake.

My father asked me to open the door.

The car is grey.


I returned home after an absence of two years.


It's a boring word.

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I need to find out what to do.

Cathrin wasn't consulted.

Is it satisfactory?

Troy won't come back before 2:30.

I don't think you understand how much this means to me.


I was too glad not to jump up.

He's very honest, so we can depend on him.

Didn't Everett want to talk to Charles?


Do you know what Harv was wearing?

Ofer was going to tell Sal anyway.

Tell her you don't need it.

The translation was made in favour of readability and literary style, as opposed to a more faithful one for the Russophonic readers' understanding.

Dan was killed by an unknown intruder.

He has a rock solid alibi.

I haven't touched anything.


My husband makes 100,000 euros per year.

What's your GPA?

They don't have jobs.

Cats like fish more than they like meat.

The famous author created another best-selling book.

He was married to her sister.

The woman is not beautiful.

What's in your hand?

I kept the fire alive all night.

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The seventh day of the week is Sunday.

Political reforms may ameliorate the living conditions of the poor.

Sorry, I can't reach it.

How far away is the Eiffel Tower?

She's three years older than me.

Why are you being so noisy?

That is my seat.


Because I passed the examination.

I cannot wait for the bus. It's late.

Let me congratulate you on your success.

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Ginny became self-conscious.

You can always come back.

I have to fire them.

An increase in the number of cars will affect the urban environment.

The accident happened the day before yesterday.

That's not why I did it.

What are your favorite vowels?

Give me an accurate report of what happened.

The fewer who know about it, the better.

They locked the apartment.

There's something they're not telling us.

How many have you had?

Oh stranger, go tell the Spartans that here we lie, obedient to their decrees.

Do you have a room of your own?

Where are the meters?

Glad to meet you.

Jersey Shore gave New Jersey a bad reputation.

I spent two hours watching a baseball game on TV last night.

No one believed me at first.

I just can't seem to make contact.

Dick and his wife live in Boston.

"Do you know where my key is? I don't see it anywhere." "You must be looking for it with your eyes closed, then, cause it's on the table as always."

You're being too aggressive.

Rees pretended that he didn't see what was happening.

She works from nine.

The more people buy a certain merchandise, the higher its price.

If you need help, take a private class with Professor Wilson.

Sabrina didn't have his cell phone with him, so he couldn't call Amanda to tell her he'd be late.

Don't you dare ask her that.

Give us a call when you arrive.

I'll go and talk to Billy.

I really ought to go.

I had to sip the coffee because it was too hot.

Who's your date tonight?

I don't want to eat with him.

Izzy and Graham are watching TV.

That's not how you get things done around here.

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Until next week.

This may sound crazy, but I think I want to go back and do it again.

He stepped on the brake.

Everybody wanted me to do it.

What was I going to say?


Connie will soon learn the truth.


We have to buy them from abroad.

Don't talk about me.

How long were you there?

The crane was standing on one leg.

He is only too pleased to be advised by a woman.

Everyone has a life.

Bea can't work tomorrow.

to give significance to dull chores

Aren't you going to dance?

Don't believe people who knows everything.

This is a pencil.


May I eat something?

I don't mind the noise.

Laughing and talking, the children climbed the hill.

Why did the accused confess?

I want you to read it.


I'll tell him so when he comes here.

I just showed it to you.

I got a smooth shave.

She did the homework herself.

You are not supposed to smoke in here.

It's your turn to vacuum the house.

You're intelligent.


It's a threat.

Man is a wolf to man.

I made her play the piano against her will.

We want the facts now.

The airplane was swallowed up in the large clouds.

Sleep is a good idea.

I didn't ask Kolkka to do that.

It feels pretty unfair.

Carl didn't even apologize.

I heard that Eddie is living in Boston.

I am a foreigner.

He is very clever and is not proud either.

This street is clear of traffic at night.

It's OK to eat the rest of the cake if you want.

Vernon is a firefighter.

She will be coming to see us again soon.

I'm just as busy as ever.