About Venagro

Venagro is the largest producer of popcorn in India since it was established in 2006. The company manages the entire product life-cycle, from research and development to production and processing as well as distribution and logistics. Striving for improvement in this unorganized sector is what makes Venagro stand apart from the rest. Hence its involvement at every stage in the production process. The factors contributing to Venagro's continuous evolvement are steeped in its belief, people and technology.


India has the potential to grow popcorn which can compete with imported popcorn in terms of quality and quantity.


The backbone of any company is its people, in the case of Venagro it's the interconnected network of farmers, traders, transporters, direct and indirect clients.


Extensive R&D resulted in a seed perfectly suited for Indian conditions, ensuring higher yields which are on par with international standards in terms of quality.

Meet the team behind our work

Venu Akula

CEO & Managing Director of Venagro
Director of Venagro NutriFoods

A visionary in the field of popcorn related cultivation and production in the nation. Venu, challenged the notion of imported corn and believed India could produce popping corn equal to the best. The result of this conviction was a specially developed seed which is 50% higher yielding than any other Indian variety.

He is the first in the country to implement an organized method of production and processing popping corn. The objective of this effort is to improve the quality of the end product and make it viable as a business to farmers and retailers. He hopes his endeavour makes popcorn a healthier alternative to other snack foods available to the Indian consumer.

Naveen Bairaveni

Head - Purchase & Head - Bengaluru Operations

With a decade of experience in the popcorn industry Naveen is our specialist in quality testing of seeds before purchase. He manages our network of farmers and traders on a regular basis, handling all sourcing, negotiations, and purchase decisions. He is also our go-to expert in designing popcorn machines.

Jeevan Nalimela

Head - Strategic Partnerships

Jeevan brings along with him the rich experience of working in multiple countries across 3 continents. Jeevan has over 12 years of experience as a consultant in business processes and comes armed with knowledge in all aspects of running an organisation. He has also been an entrepreneur in the fields of skill development and career placements.

Raghavender Rao Tunki

Legal Advisor & Head - Expansion

A practising legal expert, qualified human rights activist and serial entrepreneur for more than 2 decades in the fields of dairy, horticulture, construction and real estate. Raghavender Rao brings legal and business acumen acquired from his professional practice of being a lawyer and entrepreneur in multiple fields. He drives Venagro to be legally compliant in all aspects and heads the expansion into new verticals.


Praveen Rangu
Sudheer Malyala

Nutritious Snack

Quality popcorn

Product Features


Non-genetically modified seed, air cleaned, gravity separated, free from foreign matter, free from Alfratoxin, free from weevils, breakage less than 1/2%, current expansion ratio is 38/40


Higher yield, Superior popping, Better appearance, Uniformity in all quality parameters, Duration of cultivation (time from sowing to harvesting) is consistent -110 days


Shape: Butterfly popcorn
Finish: Glossy
Colour: Yellow/Orange colour


Salted, Butter Salt, Caramel, Tomato, Schezwan, Chat Masala

Pack Sizes

Bags: 25 kgs, 20 kgs
Packs: 40 gms, 60 gms, 240 gms


Cornella, Indycorn, Movie Time, Max Pop, Unycorn, 3 Star, Fun Pop, Maruthi Corn, Just Pop, Lucky, Big Corn, Mini Corn, Taj, Jolly Time

Cornella, the retail brand of Venagro was established with the objective of making deliciously satisfying popcorn not just part of the theatre experience rather available to everyone to enjoy in their own homes.

Proven Processes

Innovation and the state-of-the-art

Venagro trains farmers to utilize innovative cultivation methods to improve the yield of the grain. That aside the cultivation process is supervised by experienced and specialized scientists. The processing and drying of popcorn uses state-of-the-art machinery and scientifically proven practices, ensuring quality. This quality is retained till the popcorn reaches the consumers, through industry standard storage and transportation facilities.


Cultivation sites: Karnataka and Andra Pradesh
Area under cultivation:
- Currently – 4500 acres
- By March 2015 – 5500 acres


Processing plant location: Hyderabad
Current production capacity: 6500 metric tonnes per year
Daily processing capacity: 20 tonnes


- Cold Storage
- Periodic fumigation of stocks and the entire plant
- Spraying
- Fogging
- Palettes stocking system

Made in India

With Global Standards


Venagro manages a web of integrated clusters involved at various junctures of the business cycle.






Direct Clients


Indirect Clients

Venagro's business model revolves around production and sale of popcorn by improving the quality of the seed. This benefits the farmer with higher yield and better quality popcorn which in turn gives them more value per unit and also the volume produced increases. By using different kinds of cultivation engagements, such as buyback agreements, contract farming etc. Venagro has promoted popcorn into a cash crop and therefore a viable alternative to traditional crops for the farmers.

Popping corn produced by Venagro is supplied to numerous entities across India as well as exported. Apart from distributers and wholesale resellers Venagro supplies popcorn to a number of multiplexes and theatres in the country.

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