Week 11 Review

“I think they’ve got themselves a good manager… I think it’s a good gamble – if I was West Ham chairman, I’d certainly consider David Moyes as manager.” – Someone thinks David Moyes is a good appointment then! (It’s David Moyes). Fishcakes 60 – 23 Team Gwem Top against bottom here but no upset this […]

Week 9 Review

“He accidentally exposed himself when he was tucking his jersey into his shorts.” Antonio Colantonio, Chairman of Serie D side Turris Calcio, clears up confusion after his midfielder Giovanni Liberti was banned for 5 games for ‘Urinating in the direction of the away section, making obscene and vulgar gestures while showing his genital organ’ during […]


Going to have to be a quick game week report this week… but here it is… “Whenever I play Arsenal I’ll go up and think: ‘Let me whack the first one and see who wants it’… and they all just backed off…. I just think ‘Happy Days’. “ Troy Deeney, just, just absolutely nails it. […]

Week 7 Review

“Genetically we’re behind. In the last campaign we were the second smallest team behind Spain…. Genetically we have to work on things – maybe we get big men and big women together and see what we can do…”. Scotland manager Gordon Strachan blames poor genes for Scotland not qualifying. Strangely Spain, the smallest team, seem […]


“Sometimes it’s good to suffer a bit. It means you are alive.” Pochettino takes the piss out of wet spam by apparently enjoying their near comeback against Spurs. Armitage Shanks 68 – 48 Wyld Stallyns We have to start with the Shanks, who in a high scoring week got the highest score of the season, […]

Week 5 Review

Last week: Luiz Carlos de Lorenzi, aka ‘Crazy Lisca’, manager of Brazil’s Parana – “Stop calling me crazy!! Show some respect. Don’t call me crazy.” This week: Parana club statement: “Lisca is gone. It was a day of fury.” After Lisca was sacked for scrapping with his assistant manager. AVERAGE 41 – 66 Fishcakes You […]

Week 4 Review

“I saw Narcos. Many good movies. Sherlock Holmes I saw, and a lot more also.” Frank de Boer explains how he took to Netflix after he was sacked by Inter last year. Palace sacked him this week just in time for Narcos Season 3. Armitage Shanks 51 – 33 Too Many Transfers The Shanks top […]