This feels wrong.

Everything is identical to something.

They are exhausted, aren't they?

Of course I should read this book.


Eileen is dating someone at the hospital.

Why did you let him go?

Please get whatever you like.

In this town there's the need of a smith.

Let them know we're happy.


We have given Edgar Degas a voice that we hope suits him.

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Ray is a heavy drinker.

I was careless.

I am not one (was not born) to join in hatred, but in love.

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I know that.

The nakedness of woman is the work of God.

That's what I'd tell them.

He fell from the roof head over heels.

I don't want to leave Ellen alone.

This flower is as beautiful as that one.

I wish I had had my seat belt on.


Matthieu wanted to be good.

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"How pretty she is!" said Ben to himself.

Shakil won't give you what you want.

I just want a little more information.

Foreign countries have beautiful architecture.

Carsten gave his dog a piece of leftover Christmas turkey.

Cut the paper into two halves.

Jon doesn't want anyone to know.


She complained to him about the noise.


I think Dimitry is callous.

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They offer the best salad in the world as a special side dish.

Mahesh was a no-show for the third week in a row.

What's your favorite topic of conversation?


I feel better now.

Today is my day.

To come down to brass tacks, you owe me something.


Give me one minute.

I'm getting too old for this job.

You can tell her yourself.

How do we stop her?

I can't wait any more.


I wasn't too busy.

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I'll call you some other time.


I can't walk in the sun.

In ancient China there were no cats; the cat that we are familiar with today was not imported into China from abroad until much later.

I wish my wife could cook.

I'd like to have Shean over for dinner.

She couldn't look him in the face.

If I don't do it now, I never will.

I don't like profanity.

Saqib came to America as a stowaway on a ship.

"How are we gonna find the princess with the power going out?" "Well, maybe there's a switch in one of the rooms." "How are we gonna find the switch in one of the rooms with the power going out?" "...Uh, I dunno."

I think it would be fun.

Denis didn't feel well, but he went to work anyway.


My back teeth are floating...

Can you explain it, Bernard?

You're such a freak.


The scent of flowers almost makes me drunk.

You don't need to sound like a native speaker to be understood.

Sanand and Franklin are both very conservative.

Carl took off his socks and shoes and walked into the sea.

The audience members reacted to the speaker with applause.

Doesn't he sound like a doctor?

Ask Jeff to help.

Thanks for the help, guys.

Vance always does his best.


He works hard and never complains.

You lent a book.

She met him this morning.

A string on my guitar broke.

"I want to buy things," the boy said.


I don't know what the answer is.

She died in a bike accident.

He is apt to forget his promise.

I must admit, you're right.

I'm pretty sure Jorge's fat.

You have my respect.

After Mara explained it in French, he explained it in English.

We've been talking about you.

Or did you change it?

Is there life on Mars? If not, was it there before?

Clare should be in tomorrow.

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Your family is amazing.

He lives in a gated community.

I'd like to meet Hirofumi.

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Ninja and I have been friends for many years.

What's in your hand?

He'll come after me.

It's right above you.

Blayne sat in the third row.

This is my book.

I have a twin.

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Where, Sir, are you going to?


No, we'll be in fighting shape in just a month or two.


I should've told him sooner.

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I speak only the truth.

It's good for health.

I think we have some unfinished business.


I appreciate it a lot.

Do you have anyone to look up to?

Jochen works at the school where Those teaches.

Why did you translate this sentence?

Everything seemed OK.

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It took a long time and a lot of money to build this factory.


Lucifer has a combover to his bald patch.

I can't believe them.

I don't mind even if she doesn't come.

They don't speak French.

But soon he would not be able to walk, write, or even eat by himself.

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I have known him since September.

Just be careful with Srinivas.

He took great pains in educating his children.

Please find her.

That's very kind of you.

You won't finish this project.

We can walk back.

Kayvan started a list, so he wouldn't forget anything.

Hunter convalesced near the ocean after his illness.


Let me know the moment Reinhard wakes up.

The child is in the care of his aunt.

You couldn't have done anything else.


What percentage of the people speak three languages?


She goes to the market once a week.

I enjoy long walks on the beach.

Santa stabbed Briggs with scissors.

Jill took a penlight out of his pocket.

She's afraid to swim in large waves.

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How much cake can you eat?

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He is my only passion in life.

I'm facing that problem, myself.

I want it for my cat!

I felt the earthquake.

I cannot relax if one of my friends is anxious.


I want to do everything.

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Economists have predicted five of the last three recessions.

Giovanni told me not to open it.

For a display where the data items increase and decrease I think you are best making use of a spreadsheet program, not Access.


I think I've understood.

I won't tell anyone about this.

We could buy a nice house with our winnings.

Write to Marsha.

They believed that it was a necessary evil.

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After that, I didn't see him again.


This isn't what Mohammad needs now.

The problem remains to be solved.

Why did you buy only one banana?


He said there was no life on Mars.

I'll let you know as soon as I know.

My bike is broken.

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Elsa said that he was lonely.


I was trying to help her.


This is my fate.

I am in favor of helping the prosperity of all countries because, when we are all prosperous, the trade of each becomes more valuable to the other.

Chuck was caught off guard by the question.


She pretended that she knew nothing about it.

I think Sherri is humorous.

It feels wrong, doesn't it?