Harv has lost the will to live.

It's not serious, I don't bear him a grudge.

I'm not asking you. I'm begging you.

Dental care is expensive.

Ethiopia is called "Ityop'ia" in Amharic.

I'd love to go back to Boston.

A major had to take command of the division.

Come on, get it off your chest.

Which Buddhist school of thought do they belong to?

A rich trader felt that the hour of his death was approaching.

I think that there are many places to see there.

I can't believe I'm kissing you.

I've been waiting for this my whole life.

I don't want to work under these conditions.

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The couch is in the foreground next to the table.

You're a good kisser.

I can make a call if you like.

The sun is yellow.

Let's find out who killed her.

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We volunteered.


Jun doesn't like maths.

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It'll be tonight.


I never do anything crazy.

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He acquired the ability to speak English.


Robin made that decision as well.

The house gave no sign of life.

I have some gifts for you.


Can you tell green from blue?


Tomorrow is Mother's Day.

Dan posted missing person fliers everywhere in the town.

Stop blaming him for your mistakes.

She rents a room to a student.

You seem different today.

Root beer is considered a classic American carbonated soft drink.

Novorolsky got furious.

Have you eaten the cake yet?

Have you betrayed us?

The girl began to cry at the sight of the big dog.

Is it a trap?

You can limit the search results to one language and additionally state whether there have to be translations in a certain language for the sentences.

Well, I guess we should go.

Ravi was my buddy.

That is an awkward amount of weight to carry.


Suzanne hugged Neville close.

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You should learn how to ride a bicycle.


The better he knows the language, the less he likes it.

The dog and the cat are sleeping together in a basket.

Mann walked slowly down the road using his cane.

It had to happen.

The man they're talking about has been dead for a long time.

For every given male character, there is a female version of that character.

I read it in the magazine three days ago.


We chose to drive.

You were supposed to wait.

You don't seem to understand how difficult it is for young people today to believe in something.

Please keep your language decent while my parents are here.

The result is opposite to our expectations.

I didn't order this.

She lived next door to us.

We should think much of the opinion of the minority.

Sridharan heard Sjouke singing in the shower.


To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

I'd like to buy two 45-cent stamps, please.

Stephe hopes to inherit a lot of money when his mother passes away.

Did you tell him to do that?

Piete had never seen the man before in his life.

He read for more than two and a half hours.

Humans generate more than 1 million tons of hazardous waste every day.

Orville teaches sport psychology.

He is intelligent, knows many people and is resourceful.

Dominick and Alejandro are back together.

What are you expecting for the new year?

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He always keeps his word.

Japan entered into an alliance with France just before the war.

The two of them were never to meet again.


Don't you have any other way of contacting Turkeer?

I was trying to protect her.

I'll call him when I get there.

Get a good start by observing carefully.

Vickie is good at his subject.

The Canadian women's hockey team won the gold medal.

Plastic explained the decision.


I did it on purpose.

A common way to finance a budget deficit is to issue bonds.

Jessie is boiling water to make coffee.

Duke pretended that he didn't know Dwight.

Space and Marlena have adopted a minimalist lifestyle.

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They dug through the mountain and built a tunnel.


Her mother knew that her eldest daughter had signed up for a drama seminar, but she had no idea that she was so deeply involved as to appear on stage.


I don't like visiting big cities.

I am already wet!

Since Louiqa had a little free time, he took a nap.

Isn't there anything you want to say?

I was told to get enough sleep.

The spectators at the baseball match cheered their team on.

We know this is real.

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I want to help as many people as I can.

Guido opened his eyes.

This is completely absurd.

Have you spoken with her?

I think I can handle it.

I'm going to go sit in my car.

She witnessed the crime.


I'm sure my passport is in this room somewhere.


Sometimes a sentence is worth more than a word, and sometimes a word is worth more than a sentence.

That was the worst kept secret in Washington.

Dorothy has a high threshold for pain.

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I'd like someone to ask Joachim that.

"You've got a crush on this girl." "No, I don't!"

We need to move ahead.

The market is over-saturated.

I need a smoke.


It is hard to define "triangle."

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I wake up with difficulty.

Dan knew what he was looking for.

You're asking in vain for forgiveness; your act can't be forgiven.

Dan failed to pay up his debts.

Did Gunter find what he was looking for?

Nixon was born in California.

We live, not as we wish to, but as we can.

The time has come for us to escape.

Where do I cook dinner?

You shouldn't blame yourself.

Something's different.

Izchak has time to spare.

I must find a way to help them.

She killed a hamster thinking that it was a mouse.

That was the last straw.


Ahmed just wants power.

The Second World War began in 1939 and ended in 1945.

Ofer told me that he thought Boston was a safe city.

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I asked my father to buy this toy.

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It's important that you share your pain.


I'll leave it to you to buy the tickets.

It was tough going during the exams.

Val told me he'd be late.

You should have flatly refused his request.

Children are the flowers of life.

My transition from male to female is going well.

Hi, my name is Pekka. What is your name?

I know you'd prefer a bottle of red wine.

You cannot count on her because she's too irresponsible.


The observation of gravitational waves will start a new phase in the study of the universe.

We're trying to fix this problem.

The next question is for him.


We celebrated his birthday with a party.


Patiently, he collected fact after fact.


Trust me on this.


It seemed like such a good plan.

The train is ready to start.

I'm ready. And you?

You can still swim quite well, can't you?

A fence runs around the house.

I wonder how long it'll be before Socorrito gets here.

My house is only five minutes' walk from the station.

Mercury has the greatest temperature range of any planet or natural satellite in our solar system.

I'll discuss it with my staff.

I'm no longer afraid of you.

Dwight is being silly.

Is this absolutely necessary?

If you want to lose weight, then the best thing to do is to eat properly and get a lot of exercise.

I regret not having paid more attention to what the teacher said.

Luc felt like a fish out of water.

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

We won't be hearing from Christofer for quite some time.