Santa lives a secluded life.

Your boyfriend is really handsome.

I think you should help me.

What was he thinking?

I've thought about this a great deal.

Gypsy isn't good at lying.

Do you have their address?

Her career is on the line.

We have one advantage.

Would you like some more tea? No thanks.

Nothing tastes as good as the food that you make.

Daryl knows when to quit.

You'd better tell them me.

She cursed him for causing the accident.

Jacobson was the first one to arrive this morning.

You check for a pulse, but find none.

She is in a hurry because she is late.

May I call on you some day?

Boundless snow covered all that could be seen.

Stewart asked me to pick Murthy up at the airport.

Kate did that today.

Something has happened to me.


You guys look like you're a bunch of dudes who know how to have a good time.


I speak some English, but unfortunately I don't understand much.

People will laugh at you if you say so.

Maybe some other time.

Why's it so hot in here?

Kurt called me an idiot.


Leif did what he promised to do.

I like listening to Beethoven music.

Don't let yourself be fooled!

I am not exaggerating. I'm just being honest about my emotions.

According to her, he's not going.

This chemical is extremely dangerous.

She was fully guaranteed her liberty.

The only written accent German has is the umlaut.

You stand up and close the door.

To the best of my knowledge, the lake is the deepest at this point.

He is, without question, the best man for the job.

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I must have made a mistake somewhere.

Linda's husband was two-timing her.

I'm being patient.

If you want to, let's all go together.

I know all your songs by heart.

It was good of your parents to let us eat outside.

I don't feel well today. That well water is the reason.


I just need three hundred dollars.

He was not allowed to enroll in the college.

We need more space.

It is the flight to Recife.

Jim raised his hand.

Mats hasn't shaved in three years.

I don't want to get bogged down in details.


She fell in love with her teacher.


Matthieu began to get downhearted.

I'm not Rodent, though I do resemble him somewhat.

You didn't come to school yesterday, did you?

How does this concern me?

Off with your head!

The thin line between sanity and madness has gotten finer.

My mother loved lilac bushes so I planted some outside her door .

The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.

Cory and Gretchen had a horrible fight.


You made the right choice.

I give you five minutes to solve this problem.

Kids wake up early in the morning to open their presents on Christmas.

"That's pretty much a cookie-cutter RPG." "An RPG where you cut cookies? How silly is that?"

The cat began to tear at the mouse it caught.

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Did Spencer get back safely?

Jayant said he didn't enjoy watching baseball.

I'd like some toast if you are making some.

Rudolph was checking you out.

I misjudged her.

He died three months ago in Devonshire.

I would be honored to give you a showing in my gallery.

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Which one would you prefer?


Who is that woman over there?

Aristotle was toadying up to the Macedonian monarchy.

A button from his overcoat fell off.

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Gale would be hurt if you said that.


She has a very open personality.

Does anyone know where Amarth is?

The news was about my company, so it struck close to home.

The sky was all covered with clouds.

The boats on the lake make a beautiful scene.

He sometimes sleeps in.

You're very strong, aren't you?

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Bach's Invention No. 8 in F major is well-known.

How could you resist Skip?

I don't take life lightly.

Please scan the diary for clues.

Curt had every right to make that decision.

They feel closer than brothers.

Rand's wife would probably leave him if she knew the truth.

I'm well ahead of schedule.

Please tell me the way to the post office.

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Kenn doesn't even know what you are talking about.

We haven't had any complaints.

It's a plan.

Let me finish.

The Japanese are not punctual as a rule.


He got through with his work.


Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to move forward even though one is afraid.

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The plane ran off the runway.

Case isn't a very good driver.

It's not blood, it's tomato paste.


This rat, up until just now he was my partner and now he's gone and turned on me.


Dear mother, why art thou so sad?

There were many journalists who praised Ogawa with, "bravo, good show!"

We live here.

I don't feel so good.

Do you guys play on the same team?

Before the firemen were able to arrive, both buildings burned down.

My greatgrandfather was a gang leader.

You should pay attention to Kayvan.

Where's my beer?

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He denied knowing anything of their plan.

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Radiation is a big concern.

What time do you leave your house in the morning?

She bought a yard of cloth.

You translated the play from Turkish into Arabic.

That's a question that I can answer.


Casey went completely insane.

The sunglasses cost twenty euros.

Do you know how to use this kind of chain saw?

My tooth hurts badly.

As I got the train this morning, I met an old friend of mine.


Thierry would be so disappointed.

Can you lower your voice?

Cristopher actually believed you.

People tell doctors everything.

You're really a good cook.


Alexander wrote some sentences in Berber.

Let me tell you about the origin of this school.

Tomorrow lessons start.

I played with Sjouke and Doyle today.

Are you the one who caused this mess?

We were surprised at the sight.

I learned the lotus position in yoga class.

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They teach Chinese at that school.

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I met an old man near the station.

Sandra is financially independent.

This is our living room.

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Please feel free to express yourself.

Nobody asked us.

The field was white as far as the eye could see.

I'm looking forward to the trip.

Are you worried about anything in particular?


I would like to have a rest here.

Whoa! Where did that come from?

I hope Micah doesn't do anything stupid.


I thought about what you said yesterday.

You are young. I, on the other hand, am very old.

I don't agree with him.


You are asking too much for this car.

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He suffered internal injuries in the car accident.

The evening he died was stormy.

Is the chairman going to resign?

You are not allowed to park there.

Don loves to play with my dog.


The capital of France is Paris.


I can't decode the message.


He showed great reverence towards the pictures of the god.


Everyone was doing it.