Has the flat got a garage?

Has Rolfe ever kissed you?

I don't want to come to Boston.

His work showed so careless.


We are cutting the wood.

I don't think we should be talking about this here.

Marion said he saw something suspicious on the morning Teriann died.


The pupils of her eyes had the blackness of a deep chasm.

Sorry, I didn't understand well what you said.

Elsa turned down the promotion.

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The elephant is an enormous creature.

Betty challenged me to a game of tennis.

I found an apartment.

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Vincent called me almost every day.

I have to be home tonight before it gets dark.

They walked as far as the next town in an hour.


Klaus didn't have the right tools for the job.


It happened before I met Moore.

They were never to return to their country.

Luc is talking to them.

I made a snowman.

Kirk is mad at everyone.

It gets tricky.

All you have to do is push this button to take a picture.

It is the end that counts.

I wonder who drew this.


In all probability, we'll arrive before them.


My name's not Hohn. It's John.

Harris whispered in Jerald's ear.

The concert was broadcast live.

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Get ready for bed.

Ti came here for help.

Lila agrees with me.

Croatia is a country in the southeastern part of Europe.

You can't sing and dance on Good Friday.

We're ignoring them.

I'm really happy about your father.


She was a real ugly duckling as a kid.

Tigers are bigger and stronger than cats.

This is a dangerous mission.

As agreed, please find enclosed the updated contract.

These are my trousers.

His poor educational background was not a bar to his advancement.

I went to sleep with a handkerchief over my face.


Nick watered the garden with the garden hose.


We're having a wonderful year.

"Whose gloves are these?" "They are Lisa's."

Where do I do my homework?

The car is dark blue.

We like jazz.

What you cannot afford to buy, do without.

Who would have thought back then that Gigi had only seven years to live?


Eugene asked Space to think it over.

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Be nice to Ann.

I'm fed up with working here.

How will the plan work out?

Please tell me the way to the XYZ store.

The police suspect that the burglar got in through an unlocked window.

He is the tallest in his class.

The theories of relativity can seem recondite even for people who are well versed in the sciences.


Blayne finished second.

Abraham then immediately returned to his servants and so they went home with heavenly blessing.

This is very good news.


The contrast immediately springs to eyes.

Take your hat off.

I spent last Sunday reading a novel.

He has ceased from work.

You must study your whole life.

The police haven't yet caught the person who committed this hideous crime.

The dog was dead.


I always needed some attention.

I was bound to answer him.

He claimed to be an expert in finance.

We're real excited about that.

The price of stock declined by half in a month.


Everyone is talking about you.

How did you know I wasn't sleeping?

It is dangerous to wield an edged tool in such a way.

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Edgar lost his pencil.


What were you eating?

They say that he was in the hospital at that time.

Can this be done now?


It's useless if you don't do it with rhythm!

You should prepare a room for the visitor.

I told him the truth.

How many girlfriends does Panacea have?

Germany is famous for its beer.

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The Andromeda Galaxy, also called M31, is bright enough to be seen by the naked eye on dark, moonless nights.

Keep children away from medicine.

A cat has seven lives.

He has played his card out of turn.

I love butterflies!

She has an encyclopedic knowledge of cooking.

Louiqa hasn't been home in a week.

I can't forgive him for what he did.

He is too fat to run quickly.

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I was going to buy it, only Amos told me not to.


He died at age 54.

His tone was one of sorrow.

Carsten doesn't care much for swimming.

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All great men are dead and I am not feeling too well myself.

I want to know why you didn't help us yesterday.

I've always told the truth.


When I play peekaboo with my baby, he stops crying immediately.

Ice skating can be graceful and beautiful.

Dan made a speech at the wedding.


That cloud looks like a rabbit to me.

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Dalton made it clear that I shouldn't be late.


She made believe not to hear him yesterday.

Remorse is impotence, impotence which sins again. Repentance alone is powerful; it ends all.

Justin and Martyn are talking.


Elric put his bag on Rainer's desk.

She raised her voice.

Bill resembles his father in character.

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They don't worry about what's going to happen tomorrow.

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Give me a break, would you?

Leila's plan is perfect.

Could it happen?

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I wish I could be more like Masanao.

Eric would likely agree.

The train departs at 7:15 a.m.

Sexual harassment can be a serious problem in the workplace.

Eating the keyboard doesn't help.

I won't be going with you.

This should come in very handy.


He must succeed to his father's business.

Are you really that stupid?

His nephew was brought up to be modest and considerate.


A disproven principle. If A = B and B = C, then C = A. Is this true? Maybe. On Tatoeba C can be different from A.

Don't even mention it.

The police fished a dead body out of the river this morning.

Work hard, play hard.

OK, Ethan, let's get moving.


He married an actress.

Tovah went on an insane shopping spree just before Christmas.

I can only discuss it with him.


I wish that my parents hadn't told me that I was an accident.


I'm glad you liked my friends.


He says he's got to get to Vienna the day after tomorrow.


It makes no difference to me.

Speaking in English is fun.

Rakhal is blaming Rhonda.

We went in after the guide.

He has the eyes of a leopard.


Sehyo is unqualified for that job.

I wish Francisco had never gotten out of prison.

Josip is very well respected.


Think of the possibilities.

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Ozan vanished.

I confess I'm miserable.

He can speak Russian, too.

His weak spell a little while ago was probably caused by that cold he's neglecting.

This restaurant is busier on Saturdays.

What an idiot! I forgot my keys!

Are you illiterate?


Guess the riddle. An old woman with one tooth, summons everybody. The bell.